Vandy 21, CSU 20 - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Vanderbilt pulled off a much needed 21-20 win over Charleston Southern on Saturday. The win improved the Commodores record to 2-5 as the team heads into a bye week. Look inside for the good, the bad and ugly from the game.


A win. Vanderbilt doubled its season win total in about three hours. Pretty amazing. Some might put an asterisk by this win but a win is a win and is always better than the other option. Some believe that a coaching change might have been prompted with a loss to this FCS team but it won't. Too much money is tied up in Mason.

Johnny McCrary. He came in and gave the team a lift. Last week Stephen Rivers did the same at Georgia. McCrary found C.J. Duncan uncovered for a 65-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter. He finished 10 for 16 for 169 yards, a TD and an interception. Not bad compared to some of the QB performances we've seen this season including his opening stint against Temple.

Dallas Rivers. Ralph Webb wasn't his normal self in the game. He just wasn't effective at times. Maybe he had lingering effects from being banged up at Georgia. Rivers, one of many freshmen on the 'Dore roster, got it done late in the fourth quarter when Vandy needed a couple first downs to secure the win while running for 27 yards in that drive.


Holding calls. Talk about snuffing out multiple Vandy drives. Suddenly in the second half we start see multiple holding calls which killed several Vandy drives. Some of the call were legit but others were questionable.

Blocked Vandy punt. In a mixup on blocking assignments, a CSU player easily ran untouched through the Vandy blockers and blocked Colby Cooke's punt, which was returned for CSU's first touchdown of the game. It nearly cost Vanderbilt the football game.

Low turnout of fans for homecoming. There were thousands of empty seats in the stadium. "Paid" attendance was announced at 26,738 but it looked more like 20,000 max were actually there. Thunderstorms were in the forecast and maybe the number of no-shows had to do with the debacle during the weather delays in the Temple game, which left thousands of fans wandering around not knowing what was going on. The struggling football team probably had more to do with it. Top Stories