SEC schools after Darvin

Jeremy Darvin received his first SEC offer just two weeks ago from Tennessee but is talking with several other programs including Vanderbilt. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound defensive lineman became a starter in his junior season at Father Ryan, a private, Roman Catholic high school in downtown Nashville, Tenn., just a few miles from the Vanderbilt campus.

"The Tennessee coaches actually told me that they noticed me while they were watching film of Bryce Mathews," Darvin told "They were looking at the game we played against Brentwood Academy and saw me going against Bryce on the line. If you perform well against top-tier talent you never know what can happen. In my case, I landed my first offer.

"It's still early on. I hearing a lot from Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, and Kentucky. I went to Kentucky when they played Ohio and talked with Coach Ansley, a real nice guy. Mississippi State invited me for the Auburn game and I'm real upset that I didn't get to go because it looked like Starkville was going crazy after the big win. I'd love to go to one of their game this year.

"With Vanderbilt, Coach Mason actually came up to my high school and let me know they have their eye on me. He said they think that I'm a really good player after I camped there over the summer. I worked with Coach Maile who is hilarious. He taught me a lot that I took with me and brought into this season. He teaches constant effort. Not to give up on a play because you never know if it will come to your side of the field. I think highly of Coach Mason and Coach Maile. They're great guys.

"It's crazy how fast things happen with recruiting. It's just very nice to have options that are opening up for me. I love to be out on the field. At Father Ryan I both both ways at defensive line and right tackle, so I want to go to a college where i can get some early playing time. I'm not a big scheme guy. In high school we play a 3-4 and I switch from defensive end to defensive tackle but I think I'd fit well into a different scheme. I'd adapt. My mom wants me to focus on education when finding the right college and I agree. That will most definitely be a factor. I'm from a pretty split family. My dad's a big Alabama fan and my grandfather has always liked Vanderbilt."

Darvin and his Father Ryan teammates have a rivalry big game coming up against Pope John Paul II. The Fightin' Irish are 4-3, but 0-3 in the Division II-AA East/Middle Region.

"We've had some tough losses," he said. "We just had a close loss to MBA by a 17-21 score. The coaches here are great. They keep us focused on our goal so we don't get too down after a loss like that and can bounce right back.

"I think what's helped me this year is I've kept growing a getting stronger. I'm a lot bigger than I was as a sophomore. That plays a part, but I'm also doing things like getting off the ball faster and I'm better with hand placement."

In addition to the Vanderbilt camp, Darvin also competed at Western Kentucky and MTSU this summer. His Father Ryan teammate, JoeJuan Williams, is one of the state's top juniors and a big target for Vanderbilt as well in the Class of 2016.

In addition to Vanderbilt, Darvin also camped at Western Kentucky and MTSU. Top Stories