Vandy bye week ideas

The Commodores have a Saturday off this weekend as the bye week strikes. The bye coming in the middle of the season is actually a pretty solid scheduling technique as it allows the team to heal up and refocus before the run begins to the end of the season with a trip to Columbia, Missouri next weekend.

Obviously this would be much more important and there would be far more buzz if the ‘Dores had been anything like competitive this year, but maybe the break with allow Patton Robinette to come back healthy and give the younger players some time to get more comfortable with the schemes.

With no Vandy football though you’re Saturday should be more wide open than normal. Here are five ways to fill it and escape the bye week blues.

1 – Watch Florida State vs Notre Dame

Unless the two Mississippi Schools can make it to the Egg Bowl, which is the last regular season game for both, undefeated (unlikely). Unless Baylor can run the table in the Big XII, they still have to play both Oklahoma schools and an underrated Kansas State team, to meet an undefeated team in the national title game (even more unlikely). Unless Marshall can somehow work their way into a high level bowl game (almost impossible). Unless any of this happens then Florida State vs Notre Dame is going to be your last battle of unbeaten teams in 2014. The great thing is that with Notre Dame involved there are few fans that won’t be able to pick a side one way or another during the contest.

Grab some brews, sit back, and enjoy.

2 – Tennessee Beer Festival

Well, we were speaking of brews……..

Saturday just happens to be the date of the Tennessee Beer Festival, which is held in Nashville, in 2014. The promotional advertising speaks of 34 breweries taking part, combining for a selection of right around 100 beers from local, regional, national, and import breweries. There will also be wine available if your better half is not a beer person. Throw in a commemorative glass and the ability to completely forget about this mess of a Commodore season and you have a recipe for success in my book.

3 – Family time and chores

It isn’t flashy, but family time is an important aspect of the weekend which can sometimes get forgotten about during football season. With the advent of cable and satellite TV there are games on seemingly from dawn to dusk, actually way past dusk if you stay up for some of the late night Pac-12 games, on both Saturday and Sunday every weekend. Take this week off to have some family time on a beautiful 68 degree fall afternoon. The options are endless, but getting out of the house and tossing a ball around seems like it should be a must.

4 – Explore the outdoors

This is a little bit of a continuation from above, but if you are going to get outside then do it properly this weekend. Maybe it is a little late for a full scale vacation to be planned, but how about going for a hike, getting on the water, or even going camping. With no Vandy game on to play your weekend around the world is very much your oyster. Take advantage of it.

5 – Fix your NFL fantasy team

Unless it is as beyond hope as mine. In which case refer back to the second option on this list and have at it…….

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