Anderton says Vanderbilt "feels right"

Kyle Anderton just received an offer from the Vanderbilt staff three days ago, but after spending a weekend to reflect on the offer he decided to make his commitment and become a Commodore. The 6-foot-3, 260-pound athlete plays quarterback at Station Camp High School in Gallatin, Tenn. but is being recruited by Vanderbilt at the tight end position.

"It was always my dream to pick a hat on Signing Day, but I couldn't wait," Anderton told "I was thinking the opportunity might pass me by there if someone else were to come in and it just felt right all along with Vanderbilt. The coaches are awesome. I've been to three Vanderbilt homes games and the place has a great feel to it. It's where I want to be.

"At the end of last school year, Vanderbilt invited me to a summer camp. After the first camp they were very complementary of my skill set and invited me back for a second camp. It was really after that second camp that their interest increased a lot more. My recruiter was Keven Lightner, but the main coach I was speaking with was Gerry Gdowski and that's who I gave my commitment to this afternoon.

"They liked my size to play the tight end position. My grades were also something they liked about me. Basically, they felt like I was a good fit in what they wanted in their student-athlete. I'm excited to play tight end. I think it's the second best position to play besides quarterback. You get to help block in the running game and catch the ball in the passing game. It's a position that becomes increasingly more important as the game evolves. It used to be primarily a blocking position but now there's a lot more to it than that. I know I have a lot to learn, but I've been watching the Vanderbilt tight ends and have been very impressed with them. There's a lot I can learn from them as well as Coach Gdowski."

Last season at Station Camp, Anderton had the luxury of playing with wide receiver Josh Malone, one of Tennessee's prized freshman. This year, however, with Malone gone, he's been asked to be more of a duel-threat at quarterback.

"Instead of just passing it to Josh, I'm getting to run more," he said. "It's a different role for me, but it's been fun. I already have 533 rushing yards when last year at this time I probably didn't have many. I still have 1,200 passing yards so that part of my game hasn't gone away. I was looking at playing quarterback [in college] but when I went to the summer camps, they asked me to play a little tight end. That involves a lot of footwork and endurance so it's just a matter of running and obviously getting in better condition for the next level.

"It feels good to know where I'm going to know where I'm going. I feel at ease with my decision. I know I have to keep working hard, that nothing is ever assured, and prepare myself in the coming months for big-time, SEC football."

Anderton chose Vanderbilt over offers from Memphis and Charlotte. From an athletic family, Anderton's father was a defensive lineman at UT-Martin and his mother played basketball at Gardner-Webb.

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