Florida DT left Nashville on a bus?

Florida may have beat Vanderbilt soundly in Nashville on Saturday, but at least Vanderbilt had their full complement of expected players ready and dressed on the sidelines during the game.

Right before the game started, in a case of some of the strangest timing you will ever see, the Florida sports information department saw fit to put out a release stating that defensive tackle Leon Orr had basically thrown a hissy fit when he was not in the starting lineup and had decided to go home.

Now, I know that the Vanderbilt run game hasn’t exactly been dominant this fall, but how many teams can say that a player has made the conscious decision not to play before facing them?

In reality this situation is bizarre for a whole host of reasons:

1 – Orr had only started two games this season, none of which were in the past four Florida games. If you are expecting to be a starter and suddenly, without warning, your position is taken away then feeling snubbed is more justified. If however you are a player who has spent the last month coming off the bench, then it’s not.

2 – Not starting as a defensive tackle is not a big deal! It is not like Orr is a quarterback or a workhorse tailback where one player hogs all the snaps. Teams talk about a defensive tackle rotation for a reason, everyone sees playing time to keep bodies fresh.

3 – If you leave your team, no matter how hurt you are at the time, surely you have to realize that in all likelihood you are going to be kicked off the team when you get home (sure enough this happened).

4 – How does one even get home in this situation? I can’t believe one of the team buses would have taken him, and even at 6-feet-5 and 305-pounds public buses are still terrifying. Conflicting reports have Orr either busing it home or renting a car, either way the whole situation is completely bizarre.

The ‘Dores may have had a season to forget in 2014, but after a 2013 campaign which saw the black and gold seemingly cost coaches their job every week it is now opposition players who should be on the look out!

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