MSU 51, Vandy 0: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Vanderbilt was thrashed by Mississippi State, 51-0, on Saturday in Starkville, Miss. Look inside for the good, bad and ugly from the game.


There's certainly not much to talk about in the good department. However, linebacker Zach Cunningham finished with 13 tackles playing in place of Nigel Bowden. He showed good mobility and ran downhill to the football all game. Stephen Weatherly had 12 tackles. Both of those players were in on at least one tackle for a loss. Davis Dudchock had another nice catch for 24 yards, one of three receptions for him. He has nine now on the season.


Ugly penalties in second half. There were two unsportsmanlike and one personal foul penalties called in the second half. The one by Jahmel McIntosh was the absolute worst. I'm not sure what happened to cause McIntosh's actions but it was an absolute embarrassment to Vanderbilt University and sports in general. McIntosh plowed into a kicker from behind after the play well over. Thank goodness the kicker, Logan Cooke, wasn't hurt.

Lack of explosiveness from Vandy. We heard it all the time from the previous head coach Vandy; he wanted "explosive plays". I think for offense explosive plays were plays over 25 yards and for the defense it was interceptions and fumble recoveries. One year while that coach was at Vandy the 'Dores led the nation in long offensive plays. In yesterday's game we saw no offensive plays go for over 25 yards. Defensively there were no turnovers gained as the defense looked like it was in shock the entire game despite having two weeks for the coaches to prepare it for the contest.

Ineptitude against the spread. Derek Mason was supposedly an "expert" at stopping spread offenses. Earlier in the season Vandy was steamrolled by Ole Miss in Nashville, 44-3. It was expected that the team would gradually show improvement as the season went on against spread offenses but that hasn't happened. It seems they've gotten worse. This is very disheartening for Vandy fans who wanted to believe that Mason just needed some time. It now seems as if he needs a lot more time, maybe too much for the decision makers at Vanderbilt and season ticket holders who had become accustomed to nine win seasons.

Failure to score a point. Vandy had their chances and couldn't cash in. It stinks to play for a game for 60 minutes and not be able to score a point.

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