Tennessee 24, Vandy 17: The Good, Bad, Ugly

A joyous period of Vanderbilt football has ended. Vandy won two straight over the Vols and went 1,106 days without losing to them. Here's a look at the Good, Bad and Ugly from the 24-17 loss to Tennessee.


Sense of urgency. We had Commodores bouncing off the walls for the game, which they should have been. They were making plays on both sides of the ball and giving the Vols hell.

Defensive aggressiveness. The team was attacking and challenging the Vols defensively. We've seen the wimpy "cushion" all season long and watched as the 'Dore defense was picked apart by opposing quarterbacks. On Saturday that was gone. The result? Two interceptions, both by Torren McGaster, and at least a couple other near picks. The Commodore defenders piled up a dozen tackles for losses including three sacks. Stephen Weatherly had an incredible five tackles for losses including some big plays late in the game.

Use of Patton Robinette. After a couple of passes by Johnny McCrary that left everyone wondering who he was throwing to, the staff finally gave in and played Patton Robinette, a player Derek Mason earlier in the season called "our leader" but then promptly played someone else at first opportunity. Robinette was his usual self, making plays and running hard, not afraid to take a hit, but also coming back strong after a couple of unfortunate interceptions.


That punt return. Vanderbilt hadn't given up a long punt return all season. That changed on Saturday when Colby Cooke booted a near line drive punt to Cameron Sutton who ran untouched for 76 yards and a Vol touchdown, which proved to be the difference in the game.

Orange crowd. It wasn't as bad as the SEC Network commentator stated (85% UT) but there were just too many Vols fans in Vanderbilt Stadium. Something has got to be done to prevent this in the future. Obviously three straight bowl appearances hasn't gotten it done. The Vanderbilt athletics needs to bite the bullet and figure out a way to keep so many UT fans out of Vandy's stadium. Vandy has no duty to enable the local Vol fans to see their team. They do have a responsibility to do what's best for Vanderbilt and its football team. A stadium half full of opposing fans is not good for Vanderbilt football.

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