Scheu: Vandy's lone on All-SEC Team

Take a quick look the 2014 AP All-SEC squad you'll see Alabama, Auburn and the Mississippi schools well represented. One school netted just a single representative on the squad. Three guesses and the first two don't count as to what school and player. You guessed it right; it's Steven Scheu of Vanderbilt.

The 2014 season will long be noted as a step back for Vanderbilt football. However, the most talented offensive player on the Commodore squad gives Vandy hope for the 2015 season.

At 6-foot-5, 250 pounds Steven Scheu was one of the few effective weapons that the Commodore offense possessed. A one man wrecking ball as a blocker, all Scheu did was make catches during the recently completed season. Scheu managed at least a catch in every game and seemed do better in the bigger games. Against Missouri he had six catches. Scheu nabbed five catches against both Georgia and Florida. Interestingly, he netted a combined only seven catches for 44 yards in the Commodores' three victories.

Most of us will want to forget the 2014 Vanderbilt football season. However, one of the few bright spots worth recalling in future years will be the fine effort Steven Scheu gave his team. He had a knack for being able to make a big catch when his team needed it. He gave Vandy some hope when there was little reason for it. In a season with few plays going for significant distance, Scheu had a 44-yard reception against South Carolina; a 31-yarder at Georgia; a 25-yard reception at Missouri, a 33-yard catch versus Florida and a 36-yard reception against the team to the east.

Many have already written this team off for 2015. I, however, beg to differ. As long as you have a player the heart, size and drive of Steven Scheu you have a chance. He's a player that the new Vandy offensive coordinator can certainly build around next season. salutes Steven Scheu and his selection to the second team All-SEC unit.

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