Andy Ludwig, Wisconsin run past Auburn 34-31

Why would a Vandy fan care about Wisconsin's football team? You see, the guy who runs their offense, Andy Ludwig, just coached the Badgers to over 500 gained yards in a Outback Bowl win over Auburn. That guy, Ludwig is set to guide the recently struggling Vandy offense next year.

"Hope for the future" is a term we've heard a lot over the past decade. The 2014 season stunk for Vandy, largely because of an OC who tried to fit a square peg into a circle. Andy Ludwig, by contrast is known as a coach who designs his offenses according to the available personnel.

One player who Ludwig made good use of for Wisconsin at the Outback Bowl is running back Melvin Gordon. Gordon ran over the Tigers to the tune of 251 yards on 34 carries for three TDs. It wasn't the first time this season that Gordon has excelled on the ground for the Badgers. He's rushed for over 100 yards in all but two games and ran for over 200 yards five times. Against Nebraska earlier this season he went absolutely nuts running for a stunning 408 yards on 25 totes. In fact, Gordon has gained a ridiculous over 2,300 yards and 26 TDs this season It's the kind of stuff that has to make returning Vandy running back Ralph Webb very excited about his future under the incoming Ludwig.

Let's get this straight though, no one expects Ludwig to come in and work miracles in his first season. However, if he can just help the team improve their scoring output by at least a TD a game that should help the ailing defense by keeping them on the field less and thereby also improving their effectiveness.

We don't know what to expect yet out of Andy Ludwig's offense. Again, look for him evaluate available Commodore talent before deciding on schemes. However, we do know that with the Badgers' impressive showing in Tampa, we now, once again, have reason to be optimistic and hopeful for the future of Commodore football. Top Stories