Vandy adds Kansas State to Football Schedule

Earlier this year the SEC passed a mandate which decreed that each member school must play at least one non-conference game against a team from one of the other Big Four leagues starting in 2016. This move was seen as a way to strengthen the overall profile of the league.

It may also play a crucial role in splitting SEC teams away from those with poor non-con slates if (when) the playoff is expanded to eight teams with two at large bids available.

Earlier this week Vanderbilt held up its end of the scheduling bargain by picking up a home and home with Big XII member Kansas State in news first reported by The series will see the Wildcats visiting Nashville in 2017 with the ‘Dores traveling to the Little Apple in 2020.

It is an interesting matchup because K-State in particular is not known for scheduling teams from the power conferences. It is part of the Bill Snyder program building philosophy that a team is built from the bottom up by wining as many games as possible and the K-State head coach built his whole legacy in Manhattan by playing games against FCS and very low end FBS schools.

Another interesting aspect of this is just what will happen to K-State when Snyder retires for the second time. The 75 year old Snyder has already left the school once (in 2005) and the result was an unmitigated disaster. Ron Prince took over for a three year stint and proved incapable of following on from the legacy Snyder had left. Kansas State is not an easy school to recruit to, there is no base and you are usually fighting for lower tier Texas players. Prince proved that what Snyder has been able to do may not be able to be replicated, and as a result the closing game of this series in particular (2020) could have a very different feel.

Kansas State was certainly not a school on many people’s radars when looking at potential future opponents. People were looking at the likes of Northwestern, Wake Forest, and Stanford, academic schools which have a path very similar to the one Vandy walks in recruiting and level of athlete. Instead the ‘Dores seem to be focusing on more regional competition, Manhattan is a ten hour drive and flights from Nashville to Kansas City are cheap, perhaps looking to find venues where the black and gold can travel to support their team. Top Stories