Vandy's Patton Robinette leaves football

Interesting news broke on Friday when junior quarterback Patton Robinette decided to call it quits on his football career. Robinette apparently discussed the situation with head coach Derek Mason on Thursday, before informing his teammates of the decision on Friday morning.

Robinette was one of the two most likely candidates to be the starter for the ‘Dores this fall and his presence both on the field and in the locker room will be sorely missed. As the veteran of the group his leadership was going to be very important for the younger ‘Dores quarterbacks to look up to and learn from as the season progressed.

His reasons for leaving the program however are noble. Robinette is going to turn the time and focus that it takes to be a college football player at the FBS level into a medical career. He plans to enter the Vanderbilt school of medicine this summer and study orthopedic surgery.

"This has been a very difficult decision to make," Robinette said. "This team means the world to me and I love playing football more than anything. It's been tough coming to a decision that is right for my family and (me), and protects my health and future.

The issue in play here is Robinette’s injury history and how it will affect him both now and in the future. After opening the season as the Commodores starter last fall he suffered a sprained knee (no big deal) before being put on ice for six weeks after a concussion (really big deal). If Robinette wishes to pursue a career in medicine then he HAS to have all his mental faculties. All it takes is one big hit from some 300 pound defensive tackle and that future career is done before it even gets started.

Robinette is a smart guy. He knows he is not talented enough to make it at the NFL level, so why risk his future after already having a concussion or two in his history? From a Commodore perspective it sucks as Robinette was going to be a big part of this team moving forward. With all the focus on concussions and head injuries, however, you can be assured that Robinette will not be the last college player in his position to make a decision like this.

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