Vanderbilt Having Fun at Practice

A video called "Vanderbilt Camp Close-Up: Minute to Win It Challenge" is going near viral on YouTube.

The grind of being a college football player at an FBS school is real. When that school has the strict academic requirements and workload that Vanderbilt does then the grind is accentuated. With practice and film study and classes and homework, well it can all get a little bit overwhelming and incredibly tedious. That is why it was good to see the recent video which was put out showing the Vanderbilt players and coaching staff showing a more light hearted side to their character.

It can definitely be argued that after the 3-9 disaster that was 2014 the ‘Dores need to do everything possible to get this team bonded together and playing for each other. The fall from grace in Derek Mason’s first year was something which some teams could struggle to recover from, but if this video is anything to go by then the Vandy players are sticking together.

The video features a series of fun, sometimes hilariously so, challenges in the style of the TV gameshow Minute to Win It. The challenges are all very high on the ridiculous meter, with competitions such as kicking shoes onto a table and stacking bolts on top of each other using only a dowel to place them. Honestly the only thing missing from this being better than the actual show itself was the lack of crazy haired host, and hero to those of us who love hole in the wall restaurants, Guy Fieri.

The video is worth watching all the way through because by far the best challenge is the one we see last. In this challenge first the players, then the coaching staff, have to eat an Oreo. The caveat to this is that the Oreo is placed on your forehead and the cookie must be eaten without it being touched from than point onward. Thus you have a series of players using their eyebrow muscles, squinting and turning and generally looking like fools as they attempt to traverse the Oreo down their face to their mouth. The best part of this is when the cookies get stuck, usually on a player’s eye, and there is a hopeless expression crossing their face as teammates either cheer on or howl with laughter.

I expect anyone who thinks doing this is easy to attempt it next time there are Oreos available to them. It is also worth noting that after completing some of these challenges a game of football against a Kentucky or a Missouri should be a stroll in the park for Vanderbilt in 2015. Top Stories