Floyd talks Vandy Junior Day

College football coaches who are looking for a big lineman who has good grades, extensive experience, versatility, with leadership ability and is a good citizen need not look any farther than David Floyd of Lipscomb. The 6' 5", 320 pound Lineman has already caught the attention of Derek Mason and his staff. Look inside for more about Floyd and his experience over the weekend at Vandy.

David Floyd Profile

Six-foot-5, 320 pound David Floyd has played football for over 13 years and wants to continue playing football after high school. For that reason, the Lipscomb Senior-to-be spent four hours learning about Vanderbilt's football program on Saturday for Junior Day.

Floyd was one of nearly 40 players who toured the campus and facilities, listened to presentations and talked with Commodore coaches.

"They took us through all the football facilities and the football cafeteria. We saw the locker room, which was very nice," said Floyd, who has a 30 ACT and a 3.94 GPA.

Floyd, who has played multiple positions at Lipscomb, including Tackle, Guard, Center, Nose Guard and Defensive Tackle, took a particular interest in a presentation given by new Vanderbilt head strength coach, James Dobson, who formerly ran Nebraska's Strength Program.

"He seemed like a really good guy who knew what he was doing," said Floyd.

Floyd can bench well over 300 pounds and squats nearly 450. He says his wingspan is so wide he must spread his arms out to get his reps to go all the way without hitting the top of the rack.

After speaking with Defensive Line coach, Frank Maile, and Offensive Line coach, Keven Lightner, Floyd came away impressed. The big Lineman believes Vandy is interested in him playing on the Offensive Line.

For a big man, Floyd has good endurance and stamina, as evidenced by his playing sometimes 3/4 of entire games on both Offense and Defense. Floyd, who is the Lipscomb student body president, knows leadership and believes setting the example is the first priority as a leader. He is always the first one on the field and off the field. Yes, he even beats those tiny Receivers and Defensive Backs. Floyd will be a captain during the 2015 season for Lipscomb.

Although Floyd is still awaiting that first offer, he is getting strong interest from several schools. Floyd hears often from Vanderbilt and his coach at Lipscomb told him that the Vandy coaches say he is high on their offer list. Floyd was invited to Tennessee's Junior Day, but was not able to attend. Harvard coaches will soon be coming to town to speak with him. He attended Western Kentucky's Junior Day and is also hearing from Mississippi State and Sanford.

But how interested is he in Vanderbilt?

"Vandy is right now for sure my No. 1," said Floyd.

After the usual positive comments about the combination of Vanderbilt's prestigious academics, along with playing in the SEC, Floyd added this:

"I live about 10 minutes from Vanderbilt and I go to school about 7 minutes from Vanderbilt," said Floyd. "My parents live here, my Golden Retriever lives here. I love being close to home. I could go home, see my parents, feed my dog and all my friends would be around here because most of my friends would go to Lipscomb College."

Floyd and other under the radar players like him still have a lot of time before signing day to gain college coaches attention. Some of them will make it to the next level and some will not. If I was a betting man I would put my money on Floyd as one who will play college ball.

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