Five Takes on the Deep Water Uniforms

Nothing gets a fan base going (outside of a game or two) than good, old fashioned uniform news. Plenty of teams this offseason will have a tweak here or a patch added there, but Vanderbilt has decided to go big or go home with a brand spanking new alternate uniform for the 2015 season and beyond.

Some may argue that with gold, black and white unis already in the rotation there is no need for more. Nike, however, would very much disagree with you and suggest that the more options there are, the better. Just ask Oregon if you don’t believe me. Anyway, here are five takes on the Deep Water alternates:

1 – The slogan is Meh

It is easy to see what the promotional guys are trying to do with the Deep Water slogan. Vanderbilt is shifting more and more to the nautical extreme, which I am ok with, but the phrase Deep Water is just too damn easy to poke fun at. Be it the issues around the program or the potential security issues with Derek Mason’s status if the season starts slowly, it just seems like something else could have been used which was less easy to attack.

2 – The helmet is AWESOME

That helmet immediately goes into the conversation as one of the best in college football today. The glossy finish and the marbled design are outstanding, but the almost Soviet era anchor on the side of the lid is the clear star of this show. Some will hate that the helmet takes away from the school logo, but alternates are supposed to be about breaking from the norm and this helmet does so in the best way.

3 – What is with that promo shot

You have all seen the promo shot now floating across social media in some of the best memes of the day. The majority of the still promo shots taken for this launch are fine, focusing on the various aspects of the uniform design. The shot which makes Vanderbilt football look like an extra from a ballet performance however could probably have been skipped. On the plus side the Flashdance meme is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

4 – Anchor Down makes the uniform

In a move which was probably just put in to send the NCAA into a fit, the Vandy alternate has the Anchor Down slogan printed down the side of the pants. Vanderbilt, remember, was almost charged a timeout per quarter last fall for having Anchor Down written on the nameplate of their jerseys, because, well, the NCAA is stupid.

Vanderbilt 1 – Governing Body 0.

5 – Overall design is a win

Nike has trended more and more teams to the grey alternates over the last few years with mixed results. This design, however, is definitely a win as the color seems to fit the school and Nike has got the little touches right. Numbers can be a real issue with grey jerseys, but the stenciled, large format numbers look really good and, importantly, will be easy to read from the stands and press box.

It will be very interesting to see which game(s) Mason and the staff see fit to break these out for in the fall. Top Stories