The Wife of a VandyManiac

I married into this. As a little girl in California I had no dreams of having my life revolve around football. Yet, 30 years ago it started. Since then I have spent each Fall in a household consumed by Vanderbilt football and every other season of the year waiting, along with other Vanderbilt fans, for the first game in September.

It would be an understatement to say that frustration has ran rampant during this time. If I had a quarter for each time the spouse yelled about interceptions, fumbles, missed field goals or quarterback draws, I could take a vacation next season to avoid the madness.

The newest maniac in the family, our son, now participates in this football carousel as well. Sitting between two boisterous fans in a stadium means my hearing will be comprised for days. The most serious issue for me regarding their overwhelming volume is where it comes from. One of these men speaks soft enough at home that it is often hard to understand what he is saying or what his point is. His diction at games is crystal clear and yes, at times embarrassingly so.

Just in case football season wasn’t enough to endure, 19 years ago hubby dearest started, an on-line message board for fans. In a brief time it became obvious that hubby wasn’t the only one afflicted with maniacal for Vanderbilt football.

The board always has had a chasm. Over the years, with the increase in social media, we have seen it grow. From the consistently wise and well-spoken posts to those where an individual seems to lose their common decency, the banter continues. At times the hubster and I yearn for the politeness of the past as the goal was never to provide a site where young men and their coaches would be disrespected.

With the exception of a few brief reprieves from the usual madness, this groundhog process returns year after year and I find myself assisting in the monitoring of the message board. Many of our posters have been with us through thick and thin. We have celebrated the cycles in their lives and mourned with their loved ones after they departed this world, to cheer Vandy on from the heavens.

While yearning to celebrate wins with them we stop to be thankful for the friendships and the beloved bond that is Vanderbilt Football. Top Stories