Three Keys Reviewed: Vanderbilt vs. Georgia

Vanderbilt fell to Georgia on Saturday, 31-14, in a game which seemed closer than the final score indicated. Look inside as we review the three keys we established for a win over the Bulldogs.

1) Forget WKU - Push

It's hard to tell what the players were actually thinking but things went very similarly as Western Kentucky. There were multiple interceptions, several breakdowns in the red zone and special teams blunders. Basically a lot of yardage but few points. However, we'll never really know whether or not the the team was still thinking about WKU.

2) Slow down Chubb - Fail

Nick Chubb ran wild to the tune of 189 yards for a nearly 10 yard a carry average. Our key for the team was to not let Chubb get to the high 100s or 200 level in his rushing yardage. A low 100ish or less yards would have been more appropriate for containing the Bulldog running back sensation. Vanderbilt has plenty of athletic defensive players who are capable of bringing down Nick Chubb. One bright spot was Vandy cornerback Tre Herndon who ran down Chubb on a play that looked like it was going to be a sure scoring play. Tre did stop him but Chubb still gained 68 yards on that run.

3) Focus on UGA defensive vulnerabilities - Push

Vanderbilt did air it out with 50 attempts by Johnny McCrary, however, the Commodores still attempted to test the UGA center multiple times running Ralph Webb having little success. Even the passing numbers were questionable. On the first drive of the game Vandy went three and out just running. Vanderbilt didn't seriously begin passing until the last drive of the first half. That drive itself had 10 passes, about a one-third of the passes of the second half. You only get so many plays in a football game. If you continually attack the opponent's strengths you are doing exactly what he wants you to do.

In the end the Commodores are stuck in an 0-2 hole they must climb out of. Next up is a game with another local opponent, Austin Peay. Vanderbilt will have a great chance to pick up a win to build momentum. Check back in a few days as we discuss the three keys to a win over the Governors.

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