Interview: Caroline Williams, Katie Antony

Vanderbilt freshmen Katie Antony and Caroline Williams are part of the most highly rated recruiting class in the history of the school's women's basketball program. They talked recently with VandyMania about their decisions to come to Vanderbilt and how things are going so far.

VandyMania, to Katie Antony: How did you come to be at Vanderbilt?

Katie Antony: Vanderbilt wasn't really recruiting me in the beginning when Jim Foster was the coach, so I wasn't really looking at Vanderbilt. I was being recruited by other people, and I was looking at them. Then the summer after my junior year, I was up at the Nike All-American camp, and they [the current coaches] saw me, and then they called me when I got back in. I went on an official visit in August, and I didn't take any other official visits.

VM: That was your only official visit?

Katie: I took it, and I committed, and I didn't even go to those other ones.

VM: What was it that made you make up your mind so soon?

Katie: The atmosphere here was great. The campus was beautiful, the coaching staff was very motivational. It seemed like they would work you hard. This is one of the top basketball schools in the nation, and there are a lot of traditions here. When you walk into this gym, it just kind of amazes you to look at it, and the atmosphere here is, as I was saying, great. You just look forward to doing something like this your whole life, and you're here.

VM: Caroline?

Caroline Williams: Actually, I wasn't recruited by Vanderbilt until pretty late. I had talked to them when Coach Foster was here way before, but I committed to Georgia, but I hadn't signed, and things happened with that. But I committed after my senior year. I came on a visit here and just fell in love with it, and everything was just perfect. So I actually committed on my visit, too, and everything since then has been perfect.

VM: What attracted you to Vanderbilt?

Caroline: I think just the fact that they had never won a national championship before here, and it was one of the top basketball schools in the nation and in the SEC. I had always dreamed since I was small about playing in the SEC, the biggest conference there is in women's basketball. And also on my visit, the girls and everyone were nice, and the coaches were unbelievable. You could tell they wanted to come here to win a national championship. And that's what I've always dreamed of being a part of -- a national championship.

VM: So actually for you, the fact that Vanderbilt had never won and you could be a part --

Caroline: Part of something new. Just seeing the girls play, from us watching in high school, you know there's a tradition here, and it's a bigtime school, and they're going to get the girls in to win a national championship. And we're going to continue to be in the tournament. That's just something I've always wanted to be a part of.

VM: You've both been here about two and a half weeks now. I'd like you both to tell me how the two weeks have been.

Caroline: I think the neatest part is that all seven of us, all the seven freshmen are just so close already. The biggest thing to me that's a change is school. It's really time-comsuming, but a lot of fun to get into something, and everything is perfect. Everything is a lot of fun, and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

VM: Katie, how about you?

Katie: Like Caroline says, the seven of us together-- before any of us got here, we were called the "Super Seven", we're supposed to be the best. None of us had really met each other, just talked to each other once in a while. We're all here together, all going through the same experience. We're getting challenged academically as well as athletically, and we're all learning the ropes right now, so when the fall comes, we'll be prepared to start working out. It's been really good. It's been fun. We're in college finally. We've always looked forward to it, so it's been good.

VM: What classes are you taking?

Caroline: We're both taking English and history. I'm in English 109 --

Katie: -- and I'm in 104W.

Caroline: Then all seven of us are in American History together.

VM: All seven of you are in one class?

Caroline: Yes. So we like that. We're having a good time.

VM: How many people in the class altogether?

Caroline: Twenty, maybe?

VM: So you're a third of the class.

Katie: We are. All seven of us together.

* * * * *

Photos by Whitney D for VandyMania. Photo of Caroline Williams (left) and Katie Antony (right) playing pickup was taken in Memorial Gym, and the photo of Hillary Hager, Venessa Ferragamo, Caroline Williams and Katie Antony was taken after a workout in the weight room at McGugin.

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