Five Vanderbilt head coaching prospects

For the first time in over 17 years Vanderbilt University is in search a new men's basketball head coach. Here are five coaching prospects that the Commodore administration might be considering.

Name - current school - age

King Rice - Monmouth - 47 - A name that should be familiar to most Commodore fans, Rice was an assistant coach at Vanderbilt from 2006-2011.  During his five years as an assistant coach here, Vanderbilt made the NCAA tournament four times.  That's more tournament showings than the other 12 years of Stallings' tenure combined.  Rice's record at Monmouth is just 79-85 over the last five seasons, but this year posted a 28-8 season.  Keep in mind the year prior to Rice's arrival Monmouth only posted a record of 9-21.  

Kevin Keatts - UNC Wilmington - 43 - A coach that would probably be considered a home run hire by most fans, Keatts is a coach who could hit every major concern:  recruiting, coaching, motivation, and age.  Unfortunately, the Keatts appeal is tempered by his association to the current Louisville recruiting scandal.  While Keatts hasn't been named in connection with the issues, he was an assistant at Louisville when the scandal was taking place.  Keatts took a struggling UNC Wilmington program and posted an 18-14 record in his first year and a 25-8 season this year, making the NCAA tournament. 

Will Wade - Virginia Commonwealth - 33 - Wade is a local product who grew up in Nashville.  Wade coached at UT Chattanooga from 2013-2015 posting a total record of 40-25 before being hired at VCU.  In his first year at VCU he posted a record of 25-11 and made it to the NCAA round of 32.  That result is tempered by Shaka Smart leaving Wade with a strong team.  From 2011-2015, VCU made it to at least the second round every year.

Buzz Williams - Virginia Tech- 43 - Williams has made the NCAA tournament a stunning 5 of his 8 years of coaching, with two Sweet 16 appearances and an Elite 8 appearance.  All five of these appearances occurred at Marquette.  Since taking over Virginia Tech he has yet to appear in an NCAA Tournament but has improved the Hokies each year.  Prior to his arrival Tech had a 9-22 record and in his first year improved to 11-22 and 20-15 this year.

Gregg Marshall - Wichita State - 53 - Marshall is another name that should be familiar to most Vanderbilt fans, considering he eliminated us from the tournament this year.  A head coach since 1998, Marshall led Winthrop to the NCAA Tournament 7 of the 9 years he coached there compiling a record of 194-83.  In 2007 he took over at Wichita State leading them to an NIT Championship in 2010-11 and appearing in five straight NCAA tournaments since.  In those five appearances they've reached the Sweet 16 once and the Final Four once.  His current overall coaching record is 424-168.  Marshall currently makes $3.3 million a year and has a good thing going at Wichita, luring him away is going to take a lot of cash but even making the attempt shows that Vanderbilt is serious about going after a great coach.  If Marshall does come to Vanderbilt one thing I know for sure is he's going to have to tone down his wardrobe some from "Sunflower Yellow" to Gold.

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