2003 SEC Football Preview- Arkansas

Today's edition of SEC Football Preview 2003 takes a look at Arkansas. Houston Nutt's Razorbacks surprised the conference in 2002 by finishing 9-5 overall and advancing to the SEC Championship Game. Can the Hogs make it back to Atlanta?


Head Coach: Houston Nutt (Career Rec: 75-45)
Offensive Coordinator: Houston Nutt
Defensive Coordinator: Dave Wommack

2002 Record: 9-5 overall (5-3 SEC)


Total Offense: 84th (353.57)
Rushing Offense: 12th (218.93)
Passing Offense: 109th (134.64)
Scoring Offense: 67th (26.43)
Total Defense:43rd (348.07)
Rushing Defense: 18th (113.57)
Pass Efficiency Defense: 48th (116.14)
Scoring Defense: 25th (19.79)

Arkansas linebacker Tony Bua, top, finished second on the team in tackles with 131, including 77 solo stops. He also had 4 sacks. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)


Offense (9):

*SE George Wilson (6-1, 205, Sr.)
LT Bo Lacy (6-4, 302, Sr.)
RG Mark Bokermann (6-5, 315, Sr.)
*RT Shawn Andrews (6-5, 371, Jr.)
C Dan Doughty (6-2, 290, Sr.)
TE Jason Peters (6-5, 315, Jr.)
FL Richard Smith (5-10, 186, Sr.)
QB Matt Jones (6-5, 225, Jr.)
FB Mark Pierce (6-0, 240, Jr.)

Defense (7):

NG Arrion Dixon (6-4, 295, Jr.)
DE Elliott Harris (6-4, 265, Jr.)
SLB Caleb Miller (6-3, 220, Sr.)
MLB Clarke Moore (6-2, 242, So.)
*WLB Tony Bua (5-11, 218, Sr.)
FCB Lawrence Richardson (5-10, 188, Sr.)
SS Jimmy Beasley (5-11, 196, Sr.)
BCB Ahmad Carroll (5-11, 190, Jr.)

* All-Star Candidates



Offensive line, overall depth, coaching.


Special teams, defensive line.


November 28, at LSU. The winner of this game will probably get a trip to the SEC Title game.


"I have 22 seniors, most number wise since the Clint Stoerner and Anthony Lucas group. Excited about that, leadership, attitude of team. This is the time when football is here, alarm goes off, here we go again."

"Offensive line, one thing I feel good about is they all seniors. Shawn Andrews is a junior, lot of experience. Andrews, you know about him, big guy, tell you what, if he keeps his weight down will be probably best ever played at the University of Arkansas."

"Receivers, Wilson, Decori Birmingham, keep your eyes out for Stephen Harris, played 2 years ago, then terrible hamstring injury, but is healthy and running extremely well."

This is first year I've had since Stoerner who have 2 quarterbacks who are a junior and a senior. Last few years had either a rookie or a sophomore. Ryan not wet behind ears. A big guy who has won some games for us. 14 of 19 against Alabama before he got hurt. Can't say Matt you're a wide receiver, because he's won 8 or 9 games and got us to Atlanta. Really believe those 2 guys. One thing we've done a good job, our backs didn't fumble. That's unheard of, for 13 games, not one back fumbled, Do the little things, then let Matt, let Ryan, can't tell you the percentages. When we take the first snap, be Matt Jones. When he's not at quarterback, he will be at receiver."

"Keep wishing for that Jimmy Walker, Dan Hampton, Wayne Martin, those are the kind guys want to come out in a uniform with Razorback on helmet. NCAA probation is behind us, no more rumors. But we haven't been able to get that big time player in the Defensive Line. Proud of the way our guys got to Atlanta, when things weren't going that well early. But got on a roll really came together as a team."

"Even when things aren't going just right, we get down 1-3 in conference. The one thing about this day here is we always been picked last or next to last, it helps my guys, I always tell them it's not important what the media say early, what is important is what they say and print at end of November. We got a taste of it last year in Atlanta. Now we have to finish strong in the bowl game."

VandyMania Projection

The Hogs return almost everyone to a team that played in the SEC Championship game. They'll be even better in 2003. 10-2 overall, 7-1 SEC.


Sept. 6 Tulsa, W 31-14
Sept. 13 at Texas, L 28-21
Sept. 20 North Texas, W 31-21
Sept. 27 at Alabama, W 27-20
Oct. 11 Auburn, W 21-17
Oct. 18 Florida, W 21-17
Oct. 25 at Ole Miss, L 35-31
Nov. 1 at Kentucky, W 28-20
Nov. 8 South Carolina, W 31-28
Nov. 15 New Mexico State, W 28-17
Nov. 22 Mississippi State, W 26-17
Nov. 29 at Louisiana State, W 23-20

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