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Vanderbilt Offense Top Five: Caleb Scott

Over the next few days we'll discuss Vanderbilt's top five offensive and defensive players. Today we'll take a look at Suwanee, Georgia native Caleb Scott.

Junior receiver Caleb Scott comes from a long line of football blood with his father being First Team All-American Chuck Scott, who still holds the record for most touchdown receptions in a career (20) at Vanderbilt.  He also had eight 100 plus receiving yard games and was drafted in the second round of the 1985 NFL draft by the Rams.  There were multiple other Scott family members who competed in football or other sports at the collegiate level as well.

During his first season, when Caleb Scott he led all Commodore true freshmen with six catches for 78 yards, he surprised some with his ability to get open and reel in a poorly placed pass against Missouri.  There is an impressive catch around the 10:39 mark, in the following video. Scott runs an excellent curl route to help Vanderbilt extend the drive.  He created exactly the cushion needed to make the reception and reacted in time to the ball thrown behind him.

In the 2015 Kentucky game, he made a beautiful over the shoulder catch in heavy coverage at the 1:56 mark in the next video.  Scott waits until the last moment to put his hands up to make it harder for the defender to react to the ball and it pays off perfectly.

In the same video at the 3:06 spot, he is found wide open for a touchdown that would be the difference in the game.  This was thanks to some trickery that found him left completely uncovered with a path to the end zone.  This 37-yard touchdown reception was his longest of the season and also part of the reason he led every wide receiver on the team averaging 14.1 yards per reception. 

One of the most redeeming qualities of Scott is that he appears fearless when crossing the middle of the field.  It may seem somewhat reminiscent for those that remember his father doing the same thing over 20 years ago.  It was a treat to see the sophomore run right in front of the Gamecock linebacker noses before finding himself wide open in the end zone for a touchdown.  Having a receiver capable of going over the middle to find a quick hole in an opposing defense may be a necessity for sophomore quarterback Kyle Shurmur who will be without offensive lineman Andrew Jelks for the second straight season.

Scott's two touchdown receptions last season tied for second on the team while he hauled in 28.2 receiving yards per game.  Both of those numbers will definitely leave the potential for improvement going into his junior season.  With another year under its belt in offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig's system, it's hard to imagine those numbers going anywhere but up from a year ago.


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