VandyMania Interview: Nick Getter

VandyMania talked with senior tight end Nick Getter. The fifth-year player from Round Rock, Texas projects as the Commodores' lone senior starter in 2003. Getter looks back at his career at Vanderbilt, and ahead to the upcoming season.

VandyMania: When Woody Widenhofer was coach here, he did a lot of recruiting in Texas. You're one of the few Texans who are still around. Tell me what it was that brought you to Vanderbilt, and what has kept you here.

Nick Getter: Well, there's still a handful of us. We've still got Curtis Brancheau, Jason Daniels and Zeke Brandon. So there are several of us. We're all pretty good friends, and really close. But what brought me to Vanderbilt four years ago was the opportunity to get the quality education that you can get at Vanderbilt, and also competing in the SEC. I'm sure you've heard a lot of people say it's the best of both worlds, but it's just been a great experience. Nashville's been a great town. I've already graduated in May, and now I'm off to Owen Graduate School. Looking back at it, it's really provided me a great opportunity on and off the field to meet a whole bunch of people and have a lot of connections for further on in life.

VM: Talk about going to Owen and how that materialized.

Nick: Coming into Vanderbilt four years ago, I pretty much knew that I wanted to pursue business in higher education, get a master's. I knew I was headed into that field. So it's a goal I've had. As I went on to my sophomore, junior and senior year, that goal started to materialize and shape up. I was given the opportunity to attend there this fall, and I'm making the most of it. I graduated in May with a degree in Economics. Now I'm going for my M.B.A.

VM: Has Coach Johnson talked to you about what a senior is supposed to do to be a team leader?

Nick: He hasn't specifically talked to me about that, and I don't think he's talked to the rest of the seniors about it either. We talk as a team that anybody can be a leader. It doesn't matter what position you play, or whether you're starting or not. It's all about how you carry yourself, on and off the field.

VM: You've been around four years-- you've seen a lot of pain during that time, but you've had some good moments too. What encourages you about what you've seen in the spring and the offseason, and gives you hope that things are really going to improve this year?

Nick: I think the big thing on the offense is seeing how the offensive line has progressed so far, and especially seeing how Jay [Cutler] has just improved, and how dedicated he's been in the summer. He's just watched so much film, and he's really taken charge of the team during our summer workouts. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't know there was going to be a chance for this team to be successful. That's really why I came back. I feel every chance we step on the field, we have a chance to beat someone. If I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't be here.

VM: You were friends with Dan Stricker... and Tom Simone was another guy that you played with last year. Do you keep up with some of your old teammates now that they're gone?

Nick: I haven't kept up with Tom or Dan too much... Dan's up in New England. I have kept in close contact with Hunter Hillenmeyer. We try to talk every now and then just to see how camp's going, and I try to get an idea of what he's going through and what adjustments he's having to make, so I can see how that experience is going too. But mainly the guys that have been in my class that are no longer here-- M. J. Garrett, Brett Beard, Mike Adam, and some others-- we formed a really close-knit bond. That summer before our freshman year, we all came up in June and July. We all lived together. We all hung out and spent so much time together our last four years. So those are the primary guys I keep in contact with.

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