Georgia Tech 38, Vanderbilt 7: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Vanderbilt was embarrassed 38-7 by Georgia Tech in Atlanta on Saturday. Here is a look at some of the good, bad and ugly from the game.


There were few Vanderbilt positives from the game but there were some.  One was freshman Kalija Lipscomb who caught six passes for 59 yards  and scored Vanderbilt's only touchdown of the game. Lipscomb now has eight catches for 90 yards and two touchdowns on the season. Sam Loy was another freshman the played well. He was solid while punting eight times for an over 40-yard average.  Loy continues to be reliable and his hang time on punts makes it difficult for opponents to make returns. The defense did make a stop when late in the game the Yellow Jackets intercepted a Kyle Shurmur pass, returning it to the VU nine.  While Paul Johnson did the right thing in putting reserves in when the score got lopsided.  He didn't put limitations on his backups, which is also the right thing to do. Vanderbilt's defense managed to keep the Jackets from scoring on that short field opportunity when backup cornerback Taurean Ferguson intercepted a Tech pass in the end zone. There was also a good turnout of Vanderbilt fans and they made their presence known even though the team struggled for most of the game.  


Vanderbilt was virtually defenseless against Tech's spread option.  The Yellow Jackets established the threat of the pass early by scoring on an 81-yard reception on their first offensive play of the game.  Then they went to their bread and butter of running the ball.  The Yellow Jackets, who gained 289 yards rushing while averaging over six yards a carry, had 12 running plays go for more than 10 yards. Probably at least a quarter of those went for more than 20 yards.  The Vandy defense continually showed poor discipline by two players going after the quarterback who then simply pitch out to the uncovered slotback for big yardage.  Tech gained over 500 yards total offense.  Who would have ever thought that would happen?  


A loss is a loss whether or not the final score is 10-9 or a 38-7,but the second version stung badly for those who support the Commodores. Many analysts had picked Vanderbilt to get off to a strong start in 2016, and some even predicted the 'Dores to win their first four games.  Of course, Georgia Tech is no pushover but they are no juggernaut either. The final score was particularly ugly and may signal to some Vandy enthusiasts that the preseason hopes and aspirations of the 'Dores returning to a bowl may be a lofty proposition now. While Georgia Tech is now halfway to bowl eligibility, the Commodores must now win five of their final nine games to get to postseason play.  Doing that is certainly not impossible but based on the first three games but it doesn't look good.  

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