The Good, Bad, Ugly: Georgia and Kirby not-so-Smart

Vanderbilt down Georgia 17-16 to get its 20th victory and second win in the past four years over the Bulldogs. takes a look at some of the Good, Bad, and Ugly from the win in Athens.


Vanderbilt wins! Vandy has now won two of its last four games against the Bulldogs. The last time that happened was in 1991-1994. Before that, you have to go back to 1958-1961 to find the 'Dores winning two in a four-year period. The win gets (or could get) several monkeys off Derek Mason's back. He gets a SEC road win for the first time. Mason avoids the possibility of going 0-8 in the league this season. Mason has still not won back-to-back games since coming to Vanderbilt. If the 'Dores can take care of business against TSU he'll finally have that achievement. The win gives Vandy a shot at not finishing at the bottom of the SEC East. This win also keeps Vandy in the running for a possible bowl bid. Either an APR 5-win bowl or a better. Either way, a bowl means almost a month of extra practices to improve the team. On the field the defense was big time bend-but-don't-break and Zach Cunningham's fourth down stop will be recalled for ages. The offense didn't put up big numbers, but they scored more points than UGA and drove the field for 75 yards to score a touchdown when the game was on the line. They at least take advantage of opponent mistakes and give Vandy a chance to win at the end of games.  


Commodores continue to have problems converting on third down (4-of-14,28.5%). For the season the Commodores are converting on just 33 percent of third downs. Add 10 percent to that, and Vandy would probably be 5-2 right now instead of 3-4. The key to making more third downs is to make more yards on first and second down - and make plays on third down. Also, don't run out of bounds 1-yard short of the first marker, which happened during this game. 


The reaction of the Georgia nation to losing to Vanderbilt. Kirby not-so-Smart was very arrogant and dismissive of Vandy in his press conference. Where you always see Derek Mason congratulating victorious opponents after games, that was almost absent in not-so Smart's postgame comments. My early take on not-so-Smart is that he won't last long at Georgia. Hopefully, I'm wrong, and they settle on him for a few years. Many Georgia columnists acted as they lost to a Division II team, whining and casting insults at Vandy while doing so. I fully expect Florida to destroy Georgia. Something they weren't able to do to Vanderbilt. I have been covering/following Vanderbilt for nearly 40 years and never have seen such crybabies. Cry all you want but don't denigrate the winning opponent while doing so. You make yourself look foolish and scummish in the process. 

Next up for Vandy is a game with neighboring Tennessee State on Saturday at 6:30 pm (ESPNU).   If the Commodores can when that one, as expected, they'll even their record at 4-4 and have a bye week to prepare for Auburn.  

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