Ahhh, the pageantry of college football

Ahhh, the smells, the sounds, the pageantry... the bands, the cheerleaders, the rowdy fans... there's nothing on earth to match a Southern college football Saturday. Here's a photo gallery from Saturday's home opener vs. Ole Miss.

Network host Dave Baker hosts the pregame show for Jefferson-Pilot Sports. Behind him the offensive line goes through pregame drills.

It's only 11:00 a.m., but some fans are already getting rowdy.

The "VandyMania Fan of the Game."

Gratituitous cheerleader picture No. 1.

Chancellor Gordon Gee institutes a new tradition-- leading the entire freshman class of 2003 in a charge through the tunnel and onto the field before gametime.

The freshmen storm onto the field...

...and right back off the field at the other end. (We kept looking to see if any freshmen could run the 100 in 10-flat or less, but it didn't look as though any could.)

An announced crowd of 29,411 (honestly, it seemed like more) enjoyed the game.

Gratuitous cheerleader photo No. 2.

Bobby Johnson congratulates victorious Ole Miss head coach David Cutcliffe immediately after the Rebels' 24-21 win.

A spent Eli Manning leaves the field after the game.

A pair of tents stand behind the north end zone where the worn-out bleachers once stood.

Photos by Brent Wiseman copyright 2003 for VandyMania.com.

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