Breaking down the talents of Off. Tackle Alex Palczewski

Vanderbilt is hot on the trail looking for offensive lineman to join the 2017 class and tackle Alex Palczewski is at the top of the Dores list.

Prospect (IL) offensive lineman Alex Palczewski is a fast rising prospect that has seen his recruitment blow up over the past several weeks. Standing 6'7 270 lbs, Palczewski has the size, smarts and talents to compete on the highest level of college football. Offensive lineman sometimes have a ways to go before they mature into their bodies and their abilities on the field. Palczewski has a lot of talents to work with and by watching his senior film, you can see why Vanderbilt and others are come calling for the senior Illinois tackle. 

Player Evaluation

Palczewski may be a late bloomer when it comes to recruiting but it's never too late to be noticed. From the get go, Palczewski's size at 6'7 entices you and then when you turn on the film and see his big frame move well around the field, it gets you excited about his future on the collegiate football field. He has great mobility getting into the second level. Palczewski has no problem moving on his feet and does a good job getting back into pass protect. He does need to continue improving his get off and foot placement when it comes to stopping elite pass rushers. His mobility overall is excellent. Palczewski moves well for his size and his ability to get around field also gives him the opportunity to play multiple positions along the offensive line. 

Every college football offensive line coach would love to have lineman that can be moved all across the line giving the group versatility and the ability to plug holes when need be. Palczewski is that player and can switch himself either to right tackle or even play inside plugging up the middle. Between his versatility and nimble feet, Palczewski has great athleticism for a departing high school senior. 

Right now at this stage in his career, Palczewski is better prepared with his run blocking than he is in pass protection. His quickness off the ball is outstanding and he does a great job placing his hands quickly into the defender and using his power to move the lineman backwards. He is also wrestles along with playing football. Palczewski knows how to gain leverage on his man and stay strong in his stance. Jumping into a college weight room and continuation of his craft, the rising 3-star tackle has the abilities to start in college for many, many years.

Player Comparison

Palczewski's size, strength, versatility and work ethic really reminds me of current Commodores senior tackle Will Holden. The size and frame alone reminds you of Holden but Palczewski's ability to play the blind side, right tackle or even guard, makes you think of the All-SEC senior tackle as well. Holden turned out being a very valuable player for Vanderbilt over his career and has now positioned himself to play in the NFL. 

The LowDown

Recruiting has really just started to pick up for Palczewski. Over the past month, the 6'7 lineman has added offers from Illinois, Syracuse and Vanderbilt along with interest from Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota, Western Michigan and a few others. At this current time, Palczewski has a top three of Illinois, Syracuse and Vanderbilt. He has set official visits with all three and will all be taken place within a weeks time. Between January 14th and the 17th, Palczewski will visit Syracuse and then Vanderbilt. Later that weekend he will finish off the week closer at home seeing the Fighting Illini. Analysts and more would say that Illinois is the team to beat and that could be the case but I do think Vandy is a close second and will have a good shot at landing the 6'7 tackle. Palczewski's relationship with Commodores offensive line coach Cameron Norcross is strong and both relate with each other when it comes to wrestling. Palczewski fits the style of o-lineman that Coach Norcross wants, so you can bet the Commodores will push hard to land the Illinois native to the 2017 class.

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