Vanderbilt agrees to home & home series with Hawaii

Vanderbilt has started to view the state of Hawaii as a fertile area of recruiting for them and now they are planning to make their presence more felt as they have agreed to play Hawaii in the very near future.

Both Vanderbilt and Hawaii officially announced today that they would play a home and home series with each other, beginning in 2022. 

The Commodores will travel to Hawaii on August 27th, 2022 for the first of the two game set. Game one in Hawaii will be considered a "Week Zero" game, which by NCAA rules, are allowed for the Warriors and their opponents. 

Hawaii will make the return trip to Nashville the following season on September 30th, 2023. These games will be the first time both Vanderbilt and Hawaii have ever played each other in their school's history. 

Vanderbilt has been making a more concerted effort at scheduling quality opponents. Along with the now future series with Hawaii, the Commodores have also secured future games with the likes of Stanford, Purdue, Kansas St, Colorado St, NC State, Wake Forest and more. 

Adding the series with the Warriors is not only a way to give the football team a chance to play and be in the beautiful state of Hawaii but also a recruiting statement. The Vanderbilt coaching staff has made Hawaii an important state in recruiting and see's the "Polynesian Pipeline" growing in interest more and more every year. 

Overall, this was a great decision by Coach Mason and the Vanderbilt athletic department to continue their brand across the country and gain more interest in the Commodores football program. 

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