Pete's Pigskin Prognostications: Week Two

Pete Fox went 7-3 in picks of last week's SEC games. This week Pete fearlessly forecasts key matchups between Alabama and Oklahoma, Florida and Miami, LSU and Arizona, and Vanderbilt vs. Chattanooga.

Week Two (7-3, 7-3)

Well, that was ugly! The War Eagle is grounded, Death Valley isn't Death, and Lorenzen REALLY shouldn't try to run the option. Honestly, I didn't use a dartboard or a random number generator, but the results seem to indicate that I did. I'll try to do better this week, but there are no guarantees.

"When you play with a oblate spheroid, sometimes the apparent angle of reflection doesn't equal the apparent angle of incidence."

Ole Miss @ Memphis - It's hard to think of Memphis without "State". It's even harder to think of Eli and company losing this game. Mississippi by 18.

MTSU @ Georgia – If the Dawgs can destroy Clemson on the road, I shudder to think what they'll do to Middle between the hedges. No contest... Georgia by 42.

Auburn @ Georgia Tech – Auburn has an opportunity to get well against an academically decimated Georgia Tech. I still sorta believe in the War Eagle even after last week's debacle. Auburn by 7.

Marshall @ UTK – The Great Pumpkin should really schedule a little stiffer test for the second game of the season. After the relatively lackluster performance vs. Fresno, the Big O will be wanting to demonstrate their prowess against Marshall... and will... by 35.

Tulsa @ Arkansas – Tune-up time for the Pigs, before visiting the really big orange (Texas) next week. Arkansas by 40.

Oklahoma @ Alabama – Will the REAL Alabama team please stand up? The Sooners looked really good last week, and the Tide looked good and bad. Whom to believe? I'll go along with the oddsmakers on this one, and pick Oklahoma by 8.

Murray State @ Kentucky – Lorenzen as WIDEOUT????? This created a confusion factor once or twice last year, but really... maybe as a tight end. But the Racers won't have much of a chance against Kentucky, no matter where Lorenzen plays. Ky by 25.

LSU @ Arizona – Does Arizona have anything this year? Beats me, we don't get much coverage of the PAC-10 here in Dixie. I'll transfer my SEC West loyalty to LSU, now that Auburn has broken my heart. LSU by 3.

Florida @ Miami – Another SEC foe this week whose nickname is a meteorological phenomenon – Hurricanes (Tulsa being the other). The big wind should blow the Crocs away. I forsee a long Spurrier-less decline in the future for the lizards. Miami by 20.

Virginia @ South Carolina - Are the Chickens that bad, barely beating La-La(Fayette). I think Lou will pull this one out. SC by 2.

UTC @ Vanderbilt – If Coach Bobby Johnson can keep the troops focused against a Division I-AA team, this should be a blowout. UTC wasn't very good last year, and started out horribly against Samford in their first game, digging themselves into a hole too deep to get out of in the first half. VU by 42. Top Stories