Vanderbilt hosts and offers 3-star tight end Ben Bresnahan

Last weekend in Nashville, West Forsyth (Ga) tight end Ben Bresnahan took in a visit at Vanderbilt University and not only did he come away with an official offer but he come out impressed and excited about a possible future as a Commodore. The 3-star recruit talked with DoresDaily about his time in Nashville and how high he is on the Commodores football program and school.

Throughout the spring, Vanderbilt has hosted multiple prospects on campus and this past weekend, they brought in West Forsyth (Ga) tight end Ben Bresnahan.

The 6'4 225 pound combo tight end had been in contact with the Commodores coaching staff going on several weeks now but always had intentions of wanting to visit campus and Nashville. Bresnahan has been interested in Vanderbilt for a while and always wanted to get a first hand look at what the Commodores had going on here in Nashville.

Not only did Bresnahan leave Nashville with an offer from Vanderbilt but also impressed enough with the program and coaches to claim the Commodores among his top three schools. 

"I can't tell you how excited I am to receive an offer from Vanderbilt. My visit with them was unreal and I had no idea that I would have such an eye opening good time. I am very high on Vanderbilt and even though I don't have an official top three schools, I can tell you that Vanderbilt is a part of that top three and will remain that way going forward," said Bresnahan. 

Over the last several weeks, Bresnahan has attained multiple big offers and became a most wanted prospect on the recruiting trail. Even though the Peach state tight end has plenty of options across the country, he admits that Vanderbilt has exactly what he is looking for a school for him.

"Playing at the high level of college football while also earning a top notch education are priorities in my recruitment and Vanderbilt honestly offers both of those opportunities," Bresnahan said. "I was able to tour the campus and check out all the academic side of things while on my visit and Vanderbilt honestly cares about your future, outside of football. There are not many schools in the country that offers the kind of education that Vanderbilt does. I feel pretty comfortable saying that Vanderbilt would take me a long way into life, after my playing days on the field are over."

"Football wise, Vanderbilt is in the SEC and there is not better place to play college football than the SEC. They consistently push out players into the NFL, have great coaches and great communities. Vanderbilt is a rising program under Coach Mason that I can see taking major strides over the next few years. I felt very comfortable being around the coaches Vandy and I can see why the players there are so excited about their team. Vanderbilt really presents everything I am looking for in a school, so I am definitely excited to continue the relationship I have growing with them."

While he might of had a first class visit to Vanderbilt, Bresnahan isn't ready to claim them as a leader nor slow down his recruitment. 

The 3-star tight end has a few more visits he would like to take before narrowing things down. He does however have a time frame on when he would like to announce a commitment and that's coming up quicker than you think. 

"This entire process is a stressful but fun thing to go through but it's also something I must do, so I can eventually make the absolute best decision I can for me," he said. "Vanderbilt will remain a top contender for me but I am not ready to say who are my top schools, as I have a few more visits to take over the next couple of months."

"I would like to have my recruitment and decision out of the way before the start of my senior year. I want to be able to go through my senior year without the stress of choosing a college. I have a lot of information already in hand from several schools I have visited or been offered by. I am continuing to gather information as I take visits and hopefully before the start of the football season, I should have all the info I need and be truly ready to make my college commitment."

Along with holding an offer from Vanderbilt, Bresnhan also holds offers from the likes of App State, Colorado St, East Carolina, Minnesota, Miss State, Tennessee, Tulane, UCF, Wake Forest along with others. 

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