Kendall Williamson (Photo by Chad Simmons)

Dores jump to the top of the list for Georgia two way athlete

Vanderbilt became the latest to offer Brookwood (Ga) athlete Kendall Williamson and that is an offer the 3-star recruit has been after for some time now. Williamson talked with DoresDaily about his strong interest in the Commodores and his intentions of visiting campus some time this summer.

Brookwood (Ga) athlete Kendall Williamson has received tons of interest and offers so far in his recruitment but Vanderbilt was one school he hadn't heard too much from but wanted to. 

The 3-star recruit has been on the Commodores radar for some time. Williamson is a long and tall two way athlete who Vanderbilt targeted as a corner back prospect and that is the position the Dores offer was given for. 

Williamson began to hear from Vanderbilt a few weeks ago and this week, he finally received the offer from the SEC school he had been waiting to hear from since his junior year. 

"I have been high on Vanderbilt for a long time and it feels absolutely great to have an offer from them," said Williamson. "Vanderbilt is a great academic school that is on the rise on the football field. I have been following their progress through the years and I really like where Coach Mason is taking them."

Standing about 6'1 but closer to 6'2, Williamson has the size and length that college coaches are looking for. He has the ability to play wide receiver or corner back in college and many schools are looking at him for either side.

Vanderbilt envisions the 3-star athlete playing defense in Nashville as a boundary corner back and Williamson is perfectly fine with that. 

"I have been in main contact with Coach (Marc) Mattioli and he see's me being a lock down corner on defense and I agree with him. I can see my developing into that as well. Coach Mattioli has been working with Vanderbilt's entire secondary up there and I think he has done a great job with them and I feel pretty good in trusting his opinion of me," Williamson said. 

Another reason why Vanderbilt is sold on Williamson becoming a corner back, is because of the evaluation and signed off consent of Commodores head coach Derek Mason

The Williamson family have kept their eye on Coach Mason and Vanderbilt the last couple of seasons and they can't wait to keep up to Nashville to visit campus and spent one and one quality time with Commodore coaching staff. 

"Well like I told you earlier, I have been following Vanderbilt for a while now and my dad has been as well," he said. "My dad knows about him a lot and tells me that he is a very respected coach and someone that knows what he is talking about. I am looking forward to meeting him in person and getting to know him as well as the other coaches much better."

"Me and my dad are planning to visit Vanderbilt and I want to do so very soon. We are going to Georgia Tech this weekend and we have spring ball starting up next week at my school. I am not sure exactly when we will visit but it will be soon. I am excited about getting up there because I am very interested in Vanderbilt."

Along with the Commodores offer, Williamson also holds offers from Colorado St, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Iowa St, Miss State, NC State, Navy, Purdue, Rutgers, Tulane, Wake Forest West Kentucky and others. He is also receiving interest from the likes of Duke, Georgia, Florida, UNC, Tennessee and more.

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