Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- Week 4

The crystal ball is REALLY fogged up. This week has 6 gimmes and two games for which I have no real idea. The form book is out the window, this year, and my predictions have been in the toilet. Oh, well, here they are.

Week 4 (6-2, 22-7)

Northern Illinois @ Alabama – I have trouble keeping up with these compass point schools. Why bother? Alabama by 28.

North Texas State @ Arkansas – Another compass point, but the Mean Green has a special place in my heart for beating the Vols 7-0 in what? 1982? Unfortunately for them, that was then, this is now. Arkansas is beginning to act like a real team. Pigs by 30.

UTK @ Florida – The first of two no-clue games. Florida is favored by 2.5, but Tennessee had a week off to prepare (not that the Gators broke a sweat last week). I'm gonna pick the BIGORANGE by 3. That way I'll be pleased no matter what the outcome. If UTK wins, I got a difficult pick right...if they lose...well....

Georgia @ LSU – It's time for the Dawgs to go in the tank. LSU by 7.

Kentucky @ Indiana – Indiana hasn't got the beef to bring down the round mound of quarterback. UK wins it by 14.

Mississippi State @ Houston – This is a semi-tough pick. I mean, after all, State lost to TULANE for gosh's sake. Nevertheless, I believe they'll rebound against a fairly hapless Houston. State by 5.

Alabama-Birmingham @ South Carolina – No contest. SC in a breeze by 31.

Vanderbilt @ TCU – It will be a loooooong night for the Commodores in Texas. You can't compete if you can't move the ball on offense, and VU proved that a stultifyingly conservative offense will not work against a good defense. TCU has a good defense, and Bobby Johnson and Ted Cain won't change their philosophies on offense, thus dooming the Black and Gold to another game of ineptitude. TCU 42 – VU 7.

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