Men's hoops: Meet Ted Skuchas

Ted Skuchas, a 6-11 center from Audubon, Pa., sat out his freshman season with a redshirt. Now in his second year at Vandy, Skuchas will play a huge role in 2003-04 in helping to fill the hole at the post left by the transfer of Brian Thornton. With basketball practice set to begin in just a few weeks, Skuchas talked to VandyMania about waiting his turn and finally getting a chance to play.


VandyMania: It looks as though you will finally get to play your first college game this fall. You've got to be a little excited about that.

Ted Skuchas: I'm just happy to start playing. Taking a year off has given me the opportunity to work on my skills, and work on my game to be able to excel in college, and contribute more than I could've last year. I really just want to come in and just be a piece of the puzzle, and just help us get to where we've set our goals for. I just really want to come in and complement, and that's what I hope I can do.

VM: How tall are you really? Are you a full 6-11?

Ted: Yes.

VM: Do you see yourself as a true center? And how do you see yourself fitting into the offense that Coach Stallings runs right now?

Ted: I'm primarily a post player. I like to play in the post-- post moves, back to the basket. I can step out and shoot jump shots when I need to. If I had my choice though, I'd rather be down in the hole than on the wing.

VM: And how about on defense? Will you be a shot blocker, a guy who kind of anchors things?

Ted: I'm really just trying to work hard on defense and do what Coach wants me to do. I just try to go out there and excel in what he wants.

VM: What do you think the trip overseas [to Spain in August] did for the team?

Ted: I think it definitely brought us together more, made us more of a team. It gave us an opportunity to start playing with each other so that when we start practice, we have an edge on a lot of other teams that weren't able to practice and weren't able to play games together like we did.

VM: What are you studying in school?

Ted: I'm a computer engineering major. Not too many people do engineering any more who also play basketball.

VM: You played on an incredible high school team, and you had two other guys from that team who went on to scholarships at major programs. Talk about those two guys, and do you still keep up with them some?

Ted: Playing with Matt [Walsh, of Florida] and Lee [Melchionni, Duke] was a fun time for four years. We got along well, and we just tried to go out and win as much as possible. We got to go to a lot of different places and play in front of a lot of different people. I think all the exposure that we had in high school helped us out a lot. I still talk to them a lot, and I'm still friends with both of them. I wish them the best, just as much as I'm ready to compete this year as much as I can.

VM: The team lost Brian Thornton from last year. A lot of people say, Ted Skuchas will step into that role. Do you think that will prove to be accurate? And do you feel a little pressured by that?

Ted: Well, I'll get a lot more opportunity than I would have if he was still here. But I really just want to come in and work as hard as I can. I'm really not looking to take away from the seniors. I really just want to come in and play the type of basketball that I've learned to play. The better I can complement them, the better that we can do. Because if we have [Matt] Freije playing the way he's been playing lately, and Scott [Hundley] and Russ [Lakey] and Julian [Terrell] and Mario [Moore], everyone working together, then I think we're going to be a team that's going to come out and play really hard, and shock a lot of people this year. Top Stories