Pete's Pigskin Prognostications - Week 5

Another week with two missed picks. This is getting old (So am I, but that's another story.) The compass pointing to Northern Illinois drove a stake through the heart of Southern Football tradition when they whipped the Crimson Tide (maybe now the "pink" tide, or well, you get the idea.) Things are really going crazy in football this year, some of it actually on the field. Here's this week's try at perfection.

Arkansas @ Alabama – This should be a real interesting game. Arkansas is looking like they're for real, and ‘Bama looked anything but against Northern Illinois. The betting public has made the Tide a 1 point favorite in this game. Alabama's at home (though it didn't help against the Huskies) and the desire to erase the humiliation of losing to a MAC team should propel the Tide to a 3 point win over the Pigs.

Western Kentucky @ Auburn – Auburn had an off-week to prepare for the Hilltoppers. This should be a tune-up for UTK next week. The Tigers probably need the practice. Auburn 38-3.

Florida @ Kentucky – Chris Leak or Ingle Martin, won't make much difference here, and the Florida "D" will dominate the Kentucky offensive line. Florida 28, Kentucky 10.

LSU @ Mississippi State – Could be the best vs. the worst in the SEC east. MSU has very little chance in this one. LSU by 35.

Texas Tech @ Mississippi – Another interesting game for the uninvolved. Ole Miss is still on the rebound after the Memphis loss, and Manning is still a very good quarterback. Ole Miss by 3.

South Carolina @ Tennessee – The Chickens have lost decisively to the only substantial opponent so far (UGA). They should do so again to the Large Orange. UTK 28 – SC 10.

Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt - Vandy was destroyed last year by the Engineers. Georgia Tech is a worse team this year, and Vandy may be a little better. Makes no difference. Ramblin' Wreck 34- Commodores 14. Top Stories