Pete's Pigskin Prognostications- Wk 7

Going downhill fast as a picker. Last week was only 50%. I guess I better not quit my day job. I just can't believe what's been happening in the SEC this year. Teams are losing that shouldn't be losing, teams are winning that souldn't be winning (except VU). It's really bizzare. I feel real sympathy for South Carolina and Kentucky, after the way they both lost in the last few weeks. The VU curse must be catching.

Southern Mississippi @ Alabama – The way things are going at Alabama, I'd say Southern Mississippi has a good chance against the Crimson Tide. But it's only a chance. Alabama by 15.

Auburn @ Arkansas – The War Eagles are up and down this year. Could be up, could be down, but the Pigs are for sure up. Arkansas by 7.

Florida @ LSU – It took a miracle for Florida to edge Kentucky last week. No such miracle will available to save the Gators this time. The heat will continue to increase on Zook as the Gators lose by 17.

Kentucky @ South Carolina – Two teams coming off gut-wrenching, heart-rending, catastrophic, morale-bending (OK, put the Thesaurus down!) losses. The ability of South Carolina to cry themselves to sleep in their own beds will be the decider in this game. Gamecocks by 3.

Arkansas State @ Mississippi – Manning gets a breather, and should have no problem with this team. Mississippi by 30.

Memphis University @ Mississippi State – Heck, if Memphis can beat Mississippi, surely they can beat Mississippi State. Memphis by 5.

Georgia @ Tennessee – This is depressing game to have to pick. Both teams have had weaknesses exposed this year, the question is, which team will do a better job of exploiting the other team's flaws. Add into the mix that the Dawgs are slightly better, but the game is Knoxville. I'd like to pick this as a 7-overtime 67-65 game, but let's be reasonable. Tennessee's inability to run effectively will doom Clausen to a game spent largely picking himself up after throwing a pass. Georgia by 2.

Navy @ Vanderbilt – Unless a team is very good or has a week off to prepare against the type of offense Navy runs, they can get into real trouble real fast. Turn the ball over, and you might not see it again for 6-7 minutes or more. Vandy is not a good team, and played poorly enough to lose to a (formerly) winless Mississippi State team. They also didn't have a week off. The oddsmakers have Vandy as a 5.5 point favorite. Take the Middies, and you won't need the points. Hoping I'm wrong, but.....Navy 24, Vandy 20.

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