Views from the locker room

VandyMania talked with sophomore linebacker Otis Washington, sophomore running back Kwane Doster, and senior tight end Nick Getter Saturday afternoon in the press room immediately after Vanderbilt's 37-27 loss to Navy.


Sophomore linebacker Otis Washington:

Q: You ended up with a lot of tackles today. Talk about how that happened.

A: We had a great practice plan. The coaches did everything they could to put us in the right positions. But we have to step up and make plays. We gave up too many big ones, and that really hurt us today.

Q: I'm guessing that at the beginning of last week, Coach Johnson or Fowler or someone took you aside and said, guys, this is going to be different from anything you've seen before. Talk about the week of preparation that led up to the game.

A: This week we went straight 60 minutes of Navy, nothing else. That's it. We just, play after play, we were ready for this game, I believe. Like I said, we just gave up too many big plays as a defense.

Q: How would you assess the tackling today.

A: Overall, there were a lot of missed tackles that really hurt us-- myself included. I missed a couple. But overall we did a decent job of tackling. We need to wrap up a little better, but I guarantee you, that's what we're going to be working on this week in practice.

Q: Can you comment on what you think the team's mood is right now? This is loss number five in a row. I know they all hurt, but where do you think the team is mentally after today?

A: I think Coach Johnson will get us together. He's always done a good job. When we come back, we're ready to fight. I just hope that our team doesn't become complacent, and satisfied with losing. It's so easy to become satisfied with losing, because nobody expects anything from you. Coach Johnson-- that's one thing he reiterated to us. He said, it's too easy. He's going to get us ready, I guarantee you. We will be motivated and ready to play against Georgia.

Sophomore running back Kwane Doster:

Q: It seems as though you guys are running the ball more effectively now than you were in, say, the first three games this year. What do you think has changed to open that up a little bit?

A: Nothing has really changed-- we're just facing some teams where we can see some daylight a little better. We've got a young team, young offensive linemen. So things are just opening a little better. Nothing's really changed about that.

Q: You're leading the game at halftime, and things seem to be going well. Unfortunately, it's the same ending.

A: Navy, they're a great team and all, but we were looking to come in this game to win it. Unfortunately we couldn't do that. We've just got to go from here with our heads up.

Senior tight end Nick Getter:

Q: Talk about the kickoff return near the end of the game. Was it a surprise that the kickoff was high and short like that?

A: I don't know why I didn't call a fair catch. We always prepare during the week. You never know what the kicker is going to do. They had done that sky-kick before in the past. I just... I don't know what to tell you. I don't know why I didn't call the fair catch. I made a big error, and it may have cost us a chance for a win.

Q: On the other side, you've had a catch for a good gain in several of the last few games. You've got to be pleased with the way the tight end is being used in the offense.

A: I'm getting opportunities-- that's all you can ask for. Jay's doing a great job, and the offensive line is doing a great job of pass-protecting. It's nice to be able to force the defense to focus on another aspect of the offense. They can't just focus on our receivers or lock down on the running game. It makes them have to focus on something else. Top Stories