Pete's Pigskin Prognostications

Well, another typical week. Miss two picks. I'm starting to feel cursed, and this coming week, promises no relief, though there are a few gimmies to be had. But how about that UTK – Alabama game. Too bad both teams couldn't have lost. Tennessee could wind up in the conference championship game after all, if a few things fall into place for them.

Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn – The Tigers should run all over these guys. Auburn should win by at least 40.

Duke @ UTK – Ditto. I don't expect the starters to see much playing time in this game, with Miami looming on the horizon. UTK by 40.

Louisiana Tech @ LSU – Double ditto. LSU by 40.

South Carolina @ Ole Miss - Ole Miss is rolling right along in the West. Showdowns loom in the immediate future, but for now they need to tend to business. They won't give the Gamecocks nearly the number of gifts Vandy gave them last week. Ole Miss by 12.

Arkansas @ Kentucky - This is really anybody's game. Arkansas is so inconsistent, it could be 20 points either way. I'll going to pick Kentucky in a mild upset. They have something to play for, and Arkansas seems to be on a downward trend. Ky by 3.

Florida vs Georgia (in Jacksonville) – Probably the game of the year in the SEC this year, certainly in the SEC East. If the Doggies, win, the East crown is all but assured. If the Crocks take it, the specter of a beauty contest vote by the other schools looms (but Georgia must rebound against Auburn the next week). Georgia is beat up, injured, and is dragging the history of past failures against Florida, plus the more immediate history of two lack-luster performances in their previous two games. (16-13 vs UAB???!!!) Florida has their own problems, needing a miracle to win a Kentucky and a home loss to Ole Miss. His game will swing on opportunities, those lost and those taken advantage. Georgia has the winning mind-set. Dawgs by 3. Top Stories