VandyMania Interview: Jonathan Loyte

Freshman tight end Jonathan Loyte earned his first start of the season Saturday vs. Kentucky. The 6-6, 260-pounder from Danvers, Mass. also snared his first pass reception at the college level, a 7-yarder in the second quarter. Loyte talked with VandyMania about the game, a 28-17 win for the Commodores.


VandyMania: Jonathan, you had your first start today, and your first catch... and on top of that, Vandy wins! You're 1-0 as a starter.

Jonathan Loyte: It felt great, definitely. Everyone's all excited and pumped up. Hopefully we'll bring it all to the next game.

VandyMania: You played on a great high school team, and you're not used to this losing stuff that has happened this year. Suddenly, you've had to deal with that. What's that been like for you?

Jonathan: It's OK. We know we're a good team, so that's going to be changing. We had just been wondering when. The Kentucky game was just the first win, and we're going to get a whole lot more after this, hopefully.

VandyMania: Did that game kind of lift the burden off of the team?

Jonathan Loyte: Oh, yeah. We knew we could do it all the time. It was just a matter of actually finishing the game, playing a full four quarters, and we definitely did that against Kentucky. We dominated.

VandyMania: Describe the play for me where you got your first catch.

Jonathan Loyte: Normally the ball wouldn't have come to me on that play, but I was wide open. Jay threw it right to me. It felt great.

VandyMania: You're happy playing tight end these days?

Jonathan Loyte: Definitely.

VandyMania: Not missing playing defensive end at all?

Jonathan Loyte: No, definitely not. Tight end is a lot of fun. Top Stories