Pete's Pigskin Prognostications: Week 13

The season is winding down, and Pete Fox (5-1 last week, 61-23 on the season) is ready with another week of SEC pigskin picks. Big rivalry games this weeked include Alabama at Auburn, LSU at Ole Miss, Clemson at South Carolina, and Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee. (Don't bring up the fact that he picked Kentucky to defeat Vanderbilt last week.)

I've heard it said that Vanderbilt fans have the most potential for enjoyment in the SEC. After all, at the football factories, if you're not contending for the BCS championship, or at least a BCS berth, your season is a failure. Witness the widespread displeasure with the Great Pumpkin (at least among the vocal Internet and talk show crowd). And UTK is 8-2, and ranked in the top ten! But at Vandy, a win over a lackadaisical Kentucky squad is enough to bring down the goalposts. A winning season would bring rapture unequaled in the annals of football. Certainly these goals are more attainable on a regular basis than winning it all.

Alabama @ Auburn – The probationers at Alabama will absorb one more loss before going to their self-proclaimed "reward bowl" at Hawaii. Auburn 27 – Alabama 13.

Mississippi State @ Arkansas – Jackie Sherrill just wants to get out of town, and apparently (judging from last week's effort against the big orange) so do the players. At least State will finish ahead of Alabama in the standings. Arkansas 42 – MSU 20.

Kentucky @ Georgia - Chubbytoes had a horrible game against Vandy last week. Kentucky is facing a much better team this week, and it is almost inconceivable that Kentucky would win this game. UGA 28 – Kentucky 13.

LSU @ Mississippi – I'm pulling for Ole Miss, but short of self-inflicted wounds by the Tigers, LSU has just too much for the Rebels to handle. Stranger things have happened in the SEC this year, but LSU should win by 10.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Win this one, Lou, and all is forgiven. SC has won 5 times, but look at who they beat; Virginia, UAB, LA-Lafayette, Kentucky, and Vandy. Not exactly quality wins. Yet their losses have been to very GOOD teams. Clemson is more or less in between the talent levels of SC's wins and losses, so it's hard to figure a winner here. Clemson appears to be on the upswing. Tigers by 3.

Vanderbilt @ UTK – The euphoria of the Kentucky win won't last long against the more talented Vols. UTK would REALLY have to underachieve to lose this game. Not that they aren't capable of it, but it's unlikely. UTK 30, VU 17.

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