Vandy Lance's weekend preview

"We spanked 'em and made 'em like it," said "Vandy" Lance Smith after last week's streak-breaking win over Kentucky. Still on Cloud Nine, the world's No. 1 Vandy fan is ready to squeeze some Big Orange. It's time to strap it up, Bubba, as Lance gives his thoughts on the football season finale vs. arch-rival Tennessee, as well as men's basketball openers vs. Belmont and Indiana.

Folks, we didn't just snap that 23-game SEC losing streak last week against Kentucky-- we slammed it! We spanked 'em and made 'em like it. It was refreshing to be able to take a knee against the other team for a change. We knew what it's like to have the score the opposite way, so we knew to take a knee. We know how it feels. We do have some class at Vanderbilt (unlike some other schools).

But it was a big win for the program, and I'm gonna tell you something right now, Bubba... all these kids are coming BACK next year. It's gonna start off with a win over South Carolina, and we're gonna go from there. We're GONNA go to a bowl game. We're not MIGHT gonna go... we're gonna GO. Because we're gonna have confidence.

Hey, it wasn't just that Jay Cutler had the game of his life. No. 71 [Justin Geisinger] had a good ball game. Matthew Tant-- he's a FOOTBALL PLAYER. He can throw it, he can catch it, he can run with it... I bet if they invented a way for a fullback to intercept it, he'd do that too. But that's what it takes... it takes a LOT of people. It don't take just two or three great players.

Look at Jovan Haye-- didn't he sack Hamburger Boy two or three times? He's back too! He's nothin' but a puppy. Vanderbilt is gonna be heard from next year.

We've been in every game this year, too. Some people even said we weren't in the Auburn game, but if you watch it, even that one was 17-7 in the third quarter, before it got a little out of hand.

I'm so proud for Bobby Johnson. Everybody needs to leave my coach alone. You win a game around here, and suddenly everybody wants to hire you. We're gonna pay Bobby Johnson, and he needs to stay right here. Bobby Johnson don't need to be a part of a renegade program. He's right where he belongs. He's got CLASS, Bubba, and he needs to stay with class. I'm not saying Clemson don't have class, I'm not saying South Carolina don't have class... but not half the class that HE has. He needs to work himself and let him be the Vanderbilt Joe Paterno.

We've got such great kids, too. They haven't quit all year, and they're not gonna quit now. You better be ready, Big Orange! We're not gonna come up there and just lay down! I really think we're on the verge of having just as good a football players as they do.

Oh, man, beating UT... even these kids that play the game don't understand yet. You don't even really understand until after you've graduated and gone. And then you figure it out, why Vandy Lance says, this is the one I really want. I'd like to tell all these kids, that's the game that Vandy fans want, because we've got to live with these people. Tennessee fans don't live in Florida. They don't live in Kentucky. They live in Tennessee, right next door to me!

I want the kids to win for themselves. They're the ones that've put in all the hard work. But I tell ya, I sure have put in a bunch of hard time out here with a bunch of other Vandy fans, and it would just mean so much. And I think this team CAN DO IT! They just have to stay away from turnovers like they did against Kentucky. And win the line of scrimmage. We were running against UK late in the game, five yards a pop, 'cause we were winning the line of scrimmage.


Ed. Note: We also asked Lance for a few thoughts on the beginning of basketball season. Vanderbilt's men's team opens Friday night with a road game vs. Belmont, then hosts Indiana Monday at Memorial Gym.

We've GOTTA beat Belmont. That's a rough way to start, opening up their gym. But hey, we've just flat got better basketball players than they've got! Our coach is as good as their coach... they'll have the home court advantage... but they ain't even played a game there yet, so what's the advantage? We've got to know the rims as well as they do.

Then we gotta play Indiana, and we can put ourselves ON THE MAP. Spank Indiana, and ESPN will remember you. They won't remember Belmont, but they'll remember Indiana, Bubba. Top Stories