HS Coach talks about VU commitment Brandon Holmes

Garland, Tex. High School head coach Jeff Jordan talks about defensive lineman / tight end prospect Brandon Holmes, who has given a verbal commitment to Vanderbilt for next fall's class. "It's his athletic ability that sets him apart," says Jordan. "He's 6-foot-2-1/2 or 6-3, right now 260-265 pounds. He can really RUN, and he can move around."

Ed. note: VandyMania talked recently with Jeff Jordan, head coach at Garland (Tex.) High School just outside Dallas, about Vanderbilt defensive line / tight end prospect Brandon Holmes, who committed to Vanderbilt in November. The following comments are Jordan's. Holmes is one of three defensive line prospects to commit to the Commodores; the others are DeMarcus Bradley of Springfield, Tenn., and Jeremy Gales of Columbia, Tenn.


"Brandon went down to Nashville this summer, and really enjoyed the town and really enjoyed the school. He loved the coaches, and just felt like it would be a good fit. I think the biggest thing for him was that he felt like he'd have a chance to play early.

"He was also recruited by Kansas, Missouri, Baylor... there were several Big XII teams that were after him pretty good.

"Brandon is a two-year starter at tight end. He was an All-District tight end for us his junior year. He's also played a little bit at defensive end for us, but he was primarily a tight end in our program. Vanderbilt's going to try to work him in as a defensive end, which should be a good fit for him. He could have played there for us, but we're a run-first team, and we really needed a big, strong physical blocking tight end at the point of attack. That's the role Brandon has filled for us.

"It's his athletic ability that sets him apart. He's 6-foot-2-1/2 or 6-3, right now 260-265 pounds. He can RUN, and he can move around. He's made several big blocks for us that sprung long runs. A tackle here, a sack there-- he's been a really consistent performer for us. He plays at a high level all the time.

"With Brandon here, we won the district championship for the second year in a row.

"Brandon is not a loud, brash leader type, but he's really grown into being a leader on the team, especially this year. He's just a great, great kid, very smart on the football field, and one of those guys that, you tell him once and he knows exactly what to do. He has great character, and he's never been in any type of trouble at all. He's grown into being a team spokesman, not in a loud way-- but if you want to know what's going on, he has an opinion and he'll tell you.

"As for outside activities... he loves to fish! He goes fishing all the time. I guess that would be his favorite activity."

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