VandyMania Interview: David Przybyszewski

The improvement of junior big man David Przybyszewski is one of many reasons the Commodores have opened the season 13-2. Coming off the bench, the 7-foot-2 native of Torun, Poland is the team's fifth leading scorer with 7.5 points per game. Pryzybyszewski talked with VandyMania recently about his weight gain over the summer, his position change, and about missing home.

VandyMania: David, gaining weight and putting on bulk was a big priority for the big men on the team in the off-season, and you were no exception.

David Przybyszewski: Oh yes, we worked very hard over the summer, and that was the goal, to get more physical. Especially for the big guys. And we all managed to do so. We've been trying to keep it up during the season too, but that's harder.

VM: Did you have some personal goals that you were shooting for in terms of getting to a certain weight or strength?

Przybyszewski: Yes. I was aiming for 255 pounds, and I got it. Now I'm about 250... it's very hard during the season, because you practice a lot. But I accomplished my goal, which was to get from about 242 pounds to 250-255.

VM: Coach Mark Davis is the guy who really encourages you, correct?

Przybyszewski: Oh yes. The workout program by Coach Davis was very good, and it helped us a lot. We lifted four times a week, and the program is so good.

VM: How was the European trip last summer for you?

Przybyszewski: It was an awesome experience... it felt kind of like I was at home for about ten days. I had never been to Spain before, but I felt the European style as a Polish native, so for me, I kind of felt like I was at home.

VM: You have moved from last year from the center position to the four-spot mostly this year, where you come in and spell Matt Freije. Talk about how that change has gone for you.

Przybyszewski: You're right. Last year I was playing center, and now I'm power forward. I don't play the five-spot much any more. They made that change because of my shooting ability. I think I can help the team by shooting, and I think I'm rebounding the ball better than last year. So it has helped me a lot.

VM: Coming from Poland to America, what has been the hardest thing for you to adjust to... and not necessarily basketball?

Przybyszewski: Maybe, a little bit, it's just that the lifestyle is different. The food, probably, has been the biggest difference, because of all those fast foods and high calories! But I don't regret that at all... over last summer, the food was a big help in helping me keep up the weight.

VM: What do you miss the most from Poland?

Przybyszewski: Except my family, I miss Polish food, which is quite different than American. Like pirogis, bigos, dishes like that.

VM: Bigos?

Przybyszewski: It's like sauerkraut, with pieces of sausage and meat mixed in.

VM: Has your family been able to see you play?

Przybyszewski: Oh yes. My mom and my brother have been here to see me play. I'm just looking forward to my senior year, maybe my Dad will be able to come too and he can see me. That would be perfect.


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