Photo Gallery: Vandy's seniors bow out in style

For the Vanderbilt women's team, the seniors' career at Memorial Gym is complete... but here's one last peek back at Senior Night and the postgame festivities, courtesy of the photography of VandyMania's Whitney D. The Commodore seniors went out in style Thursday evening with an 87-64 whipping of Mississippi State.

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Before Senior Night festivities could take place, the first item of business was a basketball game. As the starting lineups were announced, freshman guard Cherish Stringfield greeted Hillary Hager for the last time in Memorial Gym.

After the lineups were announced, it was time for the last pregame huddle for the four seniors.

A special Dee-livery to Ashley Earley, who sank the layup to increase the Vanderbilt lead to 42-23 early in the second half.

One of the last huddles with Hillary Hager (No. 24) and Jenni Benningfield (No. 42) in Memorial Gym.

Jenni Benningfield works around Rebecca Kates for two points.

Freshman post Carla Thomas scores two for the Dores.

Hillary Hager scores on the wide-open three, thanks to a little help from her friends.

Late in the game senior reserve Jutta Korkko made her final appearance in Memorial Gym.

Late in the game with a 28-point Vanderbilt lead, senior reserve Venessa Ferragamo (No. 15) was fouled on a 3-point attempt and went to the line for three free throws. After having attempted only seven free throws for her career, she was nervous and got encouragement from MSU's No. 15, Tan White, who torched the Commodores for 30 points.

On the final possession of the game, freshman guard Cherish Stringfield dribbled out the clock until 2 seconds were left when she held the ball waiting for time to expire.

After shaking hands with the Lady Bulldogs, the Commodores gathered for a team photo before Senior Night Festivities began. On floor, left to right: Caroline Williams, Cherish Stringfield, Jenn Hall, Dee Davis, Nicole Jules, Carla Thomas. In chairs, left to right: Erica Grimaldi, Jutta Korkko, Venessa Ferragamo, Hillary Hager, Jenni Benningfield, Katie Antony, Ashley Earley, Abi Ramsey.

First, each of the seniors was presented with a framed action photograph and flowers. Here Venessa poses with her parents and Coach Balcomb.

Jenni cherishes the moment with her teammates, as she waits to be introduced.

Jenni looks at her photograph while Coach Balcomb looks on.

The seniors and their families posed for a group photo.

Then the juniors, Abi Ramsey and Ashley Earley, brought balloons and flowers to the seniors from their teammates.

Next, a video montage of the seniors' four years at Vandy was shown on the jumbotron, as the seniors watched along with their teammates, families, and fans.

After the video, each senior addressed the crowd. Here, Venessa is talking while former Commodore Candice Storey, who served as emcee, enjoys the moment along with the others.

Jenni's brothers watched from their seats on the floor.

Jenni gave Candice a hug after she finished her comments, ending the public part of the Senior Night Activities.

Afterwards, the four seniors fielded questions from the press. The seniors were asked, "How was it for you when the final buzzer sounded?" Jutta brought down the house by answering with a firm "No comment."

After the press conference, the seniors went upstairs to the donor room for a reception with the Commodore Crew. Then Senior Night activities came to an end, and the happy seniors finally got a chance to get some dinner and spend time with the families.
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