Photo Gallery: Commodores run the SEC table

Melanie Balcomb's Vanderbilt Commodores did the nearly-unthinkable in winning four games in four days to win the 2004 SEC Women's Basketball Tournament. How the heck did they do it? We're still not really sure, but... here's a look back at four never-to-be-forgotten days at the Gaylord Entertainment Center, through the lens of VandyMania's Whitney D.

VandyMania salutes the Vanderbilt Commodores, 2004 SEC Tournament Champions!

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Thursday, March 4: Vanderbilt 60, Kentucky 41

Friday, March 5: Vanderbilt 76, Auburn 74

Saturday, March 6: Vanderbilt 78, LSU 66

Sunday, March 7: Vanderbilt 62, Georgia 56

Photos by Whitney D., copyright 2004 for

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