Vanderbilt Football 2000 SEC Offensive Statistica

VandyNation takes a look at how the 2000 Commodores faired against the rest of the SEC in 16 different critical categories.

Below is a list of how Vandy fared in statistical rankings in 2000 vs the other members of the Southeastern Conference:


Time of Possession
10th, 28.1 minutes per game

Average Yards Per Pass
8th, 6.6 yards per completion

Average Yards Per Rush
12th, 3.1 yards per rush

Average Yards Per Play
10th, 5.0 yards per play

KO Return Average
2nd, 22.0 yards per kickoff

Punt Return Average
6th, 8.8 yards per return

Punt Average
11th, 38.4 yards per punt

Rushing Touchdowns
12th, with 8 total

Total Touchdowns
12th, with 22 total

Quarterback Sacked
5th, 15 sacks

Fumbles Lost
3rd, 6 fumbles lost

Had Intercepted
8th, 15 passes intercepted

Turn Over Ratio
5th, +3 turn over ratio

3rd Down Conversions
12th, .30 third downs converted

4th Down Conversions
9th, .42 fourth downs converted Top Stories