Interviews R. Williams, J. May and J. Geisinger

VandyNation talked with several players following the 56-30 loss to the Kentucky Wildcats.

RODNEY WILLIAMS, senior running back, who had 76 yards rushing, and 4 catches for 102 yards.

VN: Could you talk about your four catches against Kentucky? A couple of times they seemed to leave you wide open coming out of the backfield.

Rodney: Yeah, it might have been a busted coverage a couple of times. I don't know if they were trying to zone the receivers up or what. But if they're going to leave me open, hey, I'm going to attack them with it.

VN: Talk about your emotions and feelings after playing your last home game here.

Rodney: It would have been a lot better if we'd won the game. The loss really hurts a lot. Your college time goes by so fast. Anytime you lose your last game, it's going to hurt. I don't know how long the hurt will last, but I know we're going to have to put the hurt aside. We've still got two games left. We'll try to go into both those games full throttle, and hopefuly come out with a win in both. We may have lost our last home game, but we have a chance to win our last two games, period. We showed we have a lot of offensive firepower today. We didn't score as much as we wanted to because of a couple of turnovers.

JIM MAY, junior offensive guard.

VN: Could you talk about the development of the offensive line? You guys seemed to really have it going early in the season, but now you've had a couple of injuries that are really going to make it tough.

Jim: If you look at Vanderbilt, the one thing that hurts us is depth. At the beginning of the season we had a wonderful... well, I think arguably it could be the best offensive line in the SEC. Now injuries have just decimated us. Yes, we have guys we can put in, but it's kind of hard to have your first play be against All-American Alex Brown. Or, your first play be against Dennis Johnson. Or next week, to have your first collegiate play be against John Henderson. It's tough to come in there, like when Duncan Cave broke his leg against South Carolina, Brian Kovolisky came in there, and his first play was against All-American Kalimba Edwards. It's just a hard trial by fire for these guys, and that's the problem when you don't have much depth. We're just still trying to trudge along. [Kentucky] probably wasn't our best showing. But Zolman did set a single-game record, then he broke his own record. It's hard... but it's just football.

VN: Justin Geisinger, I understand, is done for the year.

Jim: He's got a fractured right leg, which is going to be another great blow. He's really established himself as a quality offensive tackle, and this is just his freshman year.

JUSTIN GEISINGER, starting offensive tackle, who left the Kentucky game with an injury.

VN: Can you give me the particulars about your injury?

Justin: Yeah, I broke my tibia, and tore all the tendons in my ankle in between the two bones. So I'm done. I'll be out 8 to 12 weeks.

VN: How did it happen?

Justin: I was on a pass protection, and one of the other linemen was cleaning the pocket out and knocked someone down, and I just backed up into him and got my leg caught up under him. My leg kind of flattened out under me.

VN: You had started every game and played every snap up to that point, right?

Justin: Right.

VN: A bunch of seniors played their last home game against Kentucky. Could you talk about one or two have them who have helped you along the way?

Justin: Pat Green is a senior offensive lineman, and Duncan Cave is another. Both of them are just great guys. Pat has really been my example. He's a great player. Jim May is not a senior, but he's probably the guy who's given me the most help this year, getting me ready to play. Top Stories