High School Game of the Week

BrentVU's high school game of the week

I try to follow high school football around the country, and used to do some writing about high school sports in the state of Georgia.  Each week on VandyNation I will try to spotlight a high school game or two from around the country that I think would be of interest to Vandy fans.

In Kentucky, the game of the week is Fort Thomas Highlands at Lexington Henry Clay.  Offensive line recruit Frank Straub plays for Henry Clay, as does a running back whose name is-- get this-- Marcus Commodore.  Highlands, probably the best team in Kentucky year-in, year-out, has a great offensive lineman, Rob Smith, that everyone is after.

In Tennessee, the game of the week has to be Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett at Nashville-MBA.  The Best of the East vs. the Best of the Middle.  There was some talk earlier in the year that Vandy was looking at Dobyns-Bennett's 6-3, 190 quarterback Scott Butler; I don't know if that's still true or not.  Meanwhile MBA's top Vandy prospect is center and defensive lineman Andrew Wilson.  Also, Vandy fans will want to keep an eye on a young man who will try to step in for Ingle Martin as MBA's quarterback, sophomore Michael Fisher, son of former Commodore great Fred Fisher.

MBA has won 32 straight and 3 straight D-II titles, and has produced players like John Markham & Hunter Hillenmeyer for Vandy, plus current freshmen Moses Osemwegie and Dominique Morris.

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