Metcalfe faces a difficult choice

British power forward Alan Metcalfe faces a difficult decision on his college choice. Metcalfe, who played for a state championship team at Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg, Va., speaks freely about his top choices.

Alan Metcalfe, the 6-10, British power forward from Notre Dame Academy in Middleburg, Va., was supposed to make two official visits last week, but ended up making only one.

"On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was at Vanderbilt," he said. "I really went very well. I spoke with the coaches, got to know the players, and it was just a really good time.

"Clemson was supposed to be Friday and Saturday, but they cancelled. They called my coach up at Notre Dame [Academy]. They just said they couldn't host me. I don't know what happened... maybe they signed someone else earlier. But something happened that I couldn't go on the visit."

With Clemson out, Metcalfe's final choice will come down to St. Bonaventure, William and Mary, or Vanderbilt, the three schools he has visited.

"My coach [Larry Cullinane] says I need to make my decision by Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have it all done by then," Metcalfe said. "I've got to call my parents back in England. I liked all three of them. I was hoping that only one of the three would stand out [above the others], but none did. I would feel comfortable going to any of them. So I obviously just need to pick one now. I really don't know right now how I'm going to distinguish between the three.

"I liked St. Bonaventure. The head coach [Anthony Solomon], he's a Christian, and one of the assistant coaches is a Christian as well. With my faith, I really liked that and could relate to that. I felt comfortable with the guys, and the chance to play there would be good." (Metcalfe describes himself as a Pentecostal, born-again Christian.)

"William and Mary was my second visit. Everything there was good-- I would have a good chance to play early, and academics were very strong. The guys there were very good at making me feel I was going to be comfortable there.

"Vanderbilt has obviously probably the top academics out of the three. It's in the best conference, and I feel I can compete for time there as well, with only one senior at my position (power forward). A few of the guys there were into the faith as well, and that was good.

"I'm just trying to go through it all in my head, and see what the deciding factor is going to be. Each time I think about a college, I try to find something that will help me go to that school. Then I'll move on and think about another school. I need someone to sit down with me and say, 'Alan, stick with one thing!'"

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