New Practice Gym Now In Use

The $24 million renovation of Memorial Gym reached a significant milestone Tuesday afternoon. As the Vanderbilt men's team was practicing on the main court, the women's basketball team began the first official practice in the new practice gym.

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The practice gym accommodates three cross-wise practice courts measuring 88 feet from baseline to baseline. Each of the cross courts has its own clock and scoreboard, which will prove invaluable in summer camps. The regulation collegiate court runs lengthwise in the gym.

There are three balconies overlooking the practice floor. Beyond the south baseline of the regulation court, there's a balcony which will be used to film practices. On the north wall, the balcony adjoins the donor's room. And on the west, there's an observation balcony for observers, the press, or other visitors to practice.

One of the entrances to the practice court is located along the new concourse that connects the south lobby with the old east lobby. If you're interested in taking a peek, as you walk along the concourse heading from the south lobby around towards the east, look for the double-doors on the right with the small windows.

Since VandyNation's tour of the gym last month, progress on the rest of the renovations is obvious. The new lobbies are nearing completion, the main entrance to the basketball administrative offices has been glassed in, sidewalks and steps are being completed, and landscaping has begun. The next major milestone in the new facility will be the opening of the basketball administrative offices. Moving day from McGugin is currently scheduled for December 27. Top Stories