NE Ala. tight end names two leaders

Florence, Ala. Tight end prospect <B>Ty Maloney</b>, who recently visited Nashville for Vanderbilt's spring game, talks recruiting and favorites.

Ty Maloney is a 6-4, 240 prototype tight end prospect from Bradshaw High School in Florence, Ala. On defense, he's a force at linebacker and defensive end.

"I'm being looked at by Auburn, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt and Louisville," Maloney said. "My coach's mailbox has been pretty busy. We're keeping all our options open right now."

Favorites? "I like Vanderbilt a lot for education purposes. Other than that, I haven't looked anywhere too intensely yet. Alabama would be the other one that I'm the most highly interested in."

Though he's from Northern Alabama, Maloney has ties to both the state's two major universities.

"We're kind of a split family," he laughs. "I liked both [Alabama and Auburn] at different times growing up. My Dad's an Auburn fan, and I became an Alabama fan about ninth grade, so it got kind of interesting at our house around Thanksgiving."

At last report, Maloney was still waiting for his first offer. He plans on attending Vanderbilt's camp in June.

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