VandyMania Interview: WR Erik Davis

Wide receiver Erik Davis had a breakout season in 2003-- as a sophomore he led the team in receptions (41), receiving yards (638) and touchdown catches (8). Yet the season left Davis unfulfilled, he says. "I have a lot of goals for this year, but the main goal is just to do whatever I can to make this team successful," he says. "2-and-10 these past couple of years is just not gonna cut it."


VandyMania: Erik, Coach Johnson told us recently that you really had an outstanding spring. How was it from your perspective? Talk about yourself, and the receiver corps as a whole.

Wide receiver Erik Davis: The receiver corps as a whole, we were kind of busted up a little bit because of injuries. But the people we did have healthy were making plays, and we just seemed a lot more focused this year. As far as myself, I think it's just a matter of me becoming more mature and learning the game better, and understanding the concepts better.

VandyMania: It seems like just yesterday you were being recruited... can you believe you're already essentially a junior?

Erik: No, I can't. Man, time just flies by. It happens. It's the nature of the business. I'm going to have to take what I've got, and use it the best I can every last part of every year I've got.

VandyMania: I know you've lost a few guys to injuries, but you've gained several new guys as well. George Smith was really playing well before he got sick, correct?

Erik: Right. He was having an excellent spring. He was going to break into the depth chart, I have no doubt about that in my mind. He was just having a great spring. Unfortunately he came down with that spinal disease that he had caught. It was hard without him, but we're a receiver corps. We're gonna support him and help him get better, and I know with his strong work ethic, he's gonna be back as soon as he can. [Ed. note: Smith, a redshirt freshman, was hospitalized midway through spring practice with an inflammation of the spinal cord, and is now recovering at his home in Hollywood, Fla.]

VandyMania: Chris Young is going to be a senior, and he was elected a captain this year.

Erik: Yeah, that's a long time coming. I think he needed to be a captain a long time ago. He's an excellent leader. He's very vocal. He motivates people. I think he'll do an excellent job.

VandyMania: You had to go through spring practice with only two quarterbacks, so my guess is they got stretched pretty thin. Talk about the two of them and how they made it through.

Erik: They both had an excellent spring too. Jay [Cutler] has really matured as a person and as a quarterback. Steven Bright also makes plays on the field. He can be counted on at any given point. They're both just playing the roles they've been given as leaders of the offense, and we'll be happy to follow either one or both of them.

VandyMania: You were the team's leading receiver last year. Any certain goals that you've set for yourself this year?

Erik: Well, yeah, I have a lot of goals, but the main goal for me is just to do whatever I can to make this team successful. That's the bottom line. Two-and-10 these past couple of years is just not gonna cut it. We've got to step up to the plate and play in this league the way we should be playing. Right now we're bringing back a lot of starters. We're playing better as a team. We've all matured at the same time, and most of us came in at the same time. I think we all know each other. Just having that great confidence in each other has allowed us to play a lot better. Top Stories