VandyMania Interview: Brian Reese (Part 2)

<i>In the second part of a two-part interview with Director of Sports Operations Brian Reese, Reese talks about Vanderbilt's women's bowling program, which this fall becomes the school's 15th varsity sports program.</i> <BR><BR>


Brian Reese was recently appointed by Vice Chancellor David Williams II to the post of Director of Sports Operations over football, women's lacrosse and women's bowling. For two years before that, he had served as Director of Football Operations. Reese sat down with VandyMania recently about his new duties, and what's ahead for his three sports programs. To read Part One of this two-part interview, click here.


VandyMania: Could you talk a little more about what kinds of things you end up doing for the football program? We know you're involved in the football camps, and we know you also get involved in recruiting visits that are on-campus. What are some other things that people might be surprised that you have a hand in?

Brian Reese: I oversee all the budget for football. I oversee all the travel arrangements, from the buses pulling out when we leave, to the buses pulling back in here, and everything in between. Hotels, planes, getting that large group fed, all of those things. I'm also the football liaison with all the other departments on campus, like housing and dining, and I'm in charge of building those relationships up. I work with the Academic Center to make sure all the football needs are covered. I'm involved with any type of construction project that goes on in the football area. As far as gameday operations, I'm just involved with the team, getting all their needs handled, but not things like, what time the band takes the field, stuff like that. But really, anything remotely involved with football, it comes to me first. I also head up the Vanderbilt Gridiron Club, which is for former players, managers and trainers. I could mention about a million things, but those are the big ones.

VM: Now, suddenly you've got some other sports too. I've got to ask about women's bowling. How's that program going to get off the ground?

Brian Reese: It's actually going great. I kind of got a little time-line for myself to get the thing up and running, so that we'll be certified and "bowl-eligible". When I got the word that bowling was our new sport, and that it would fall to me, I got on the phone to the NCAA, and we set up a conference call with some people, so that I could find out what needs to be ready in order to be certified in that. We had a great conversation on the phone for about an hour. A few weeks later we had another one on a couple of different topics. We also flew in a coach from another university, and I spent Memorial Day with him for about nine hours talking women's bowling...

VM: Not for an interview, just for consultation, right?

Brian Reese: That's right, just for informational purposes. They have a different scoring set-up in college bowling, for instance. How many girls travel, that kind of stuff. Everything from the size of the bowling balls to the travel. Everything.

VM: Any idea how many women you will have on scholarship? How many on the team total?

Brian Reese: We're almost finished with determining what the budget is going to be, and I'm very pleased with the budget. The scholarship question, we're still trying to figure out what that's going to be. But yes, there will be some funding available for scholarships.

VM: And when will the team start competing, if all goes well?

Brian Reese: The thing that's strange about bowling is that it goes from anywhere from September to March. There's plenty of tournaments. Nashville is located in a pretty good area, where there's a bunch of college tournaments around us in a couple of states that we can get to pretty easily. We'll probably start going to tournaments in October.

VM: You'll actually have competition this October?

Brian Reese: That's what we're shooting for.

VM: In general, how has your transition been, moving from the Greenville (S.C.) area to Nashville?

Brian Reese: It's been a great thing. The biggest thing is, my wife is extremely happy here-- when your wife's happy, everybody's happy, and you can work a bunch of long hours. My two girls love it, and my newborn son, he hasn't said anything yet, but I think he likes it too. It's a great town. There's so much to do. We really like it here, and we plan on being here for a while.

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